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Shopping in Paris: The fashionista way!

The French capital does not only attract visitors for its marvellous monuments, food and wine, but shopping alone brings millions of visitors to Paris every year. Known as the fashion capital of the world, Paris has been setting high trends when it comes to anything. Shopping in Paris is a different adventure altogether. There’s is something for all kinds of shoppers, from trendiest boutiques to luxurious department store a day in the streets of Paris is a paradise for Shopaholics!

Looking for the recent Paris fashion trends? Great sales? Or possibly the most unique Parisian shopping experience? Here’s a list of the best shopping areas to give you a kick start on where to go and what to expect as you shop your way through the best of Paris!

Cityscape with the Eiffel tower in Paris, France
Courtesy: Google images


Located near the Seine River on the 7th, this is a pretty street lined with lush green beauty and charming Parisian buildings. It’s a great place if you’re looking for home décor outlets, fancy boutiques and gourmet food shops. Enter the original shopping neighbourhood as you reach the intersection of Rue du Bac and Boulevard Raspail. Walking down from the Boulevard Raspail to Rue de Rennes, you will find a variety of stores lined up offering a wide range of home gifting products including cheese trays, salad bowls out of clear plastic with Provencal flowers inside and so on. The place also homes some great cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy a delicious meal after a heart filled shopping experience.


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One of the most popular shopping spots amongst the locals of Paris. Located in the 15th arrondissement, just a short wall from the Eiffel Tower, this is where people head to when looking for the newest fashion without the steep price tags. With more than 100 shops lined up on the way including popular brand stores and cute boutiques, this street depicts the Parisian charm. Do make a stop at the Monoprix, located on the corner in Rue du commerce to shop from the best and grab some Parisian goodies for your loved ones back home.


When it comes to fashion, Triangle d’Or should definitely be on your shopping lists. You will be driven insane with the Paris’ Haute Couture shops and the most exquisite fashion houses including Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Bulgari, and many more. Continuing the spree, head toward the Champs Élysées to shop at the Zara and Sephora’s flagship store. But, if you feel the price tags are too heavy, a visit during the Paris sales in January and July and would be worth a visit.


The popular Boulevard Haussmann, located in the heart of the city is where you can pick from the best in Paris. From the famous Galeries Lafayette to the Printemps department store, you will come across nothing but the best here. This certainly is a shopping haven for all, all day long.


The Saint-Ouen flea market dates to the nineteenth century and is one of the largest markets of Paris. Located in the northern tip of Paris, make a quick stop here for a couple of hours to browse through the antique furniture, vintage clothes, medieval hats and a lot more. Good bargaining skills will definitely make it worth the money. So good luck shopping!

Cityscape with the Eiffel tower in Paris, France
Courtesy: Google images

Things to know when you go shopping in Paris:

  • Opening hours: The stores are open between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. While most of the big stored are open till late on Thursdays.
  • Etiquette: Greet the shoop keeper with a ‘Bonjour’ while entering their shop and avoid touching items when you’re just having a look – shopkeepers don’t really appreciate that.
  • Annual sale: It happens twice a year from early January to mid-February (winter) and late June till early August (summer), a time where you can shop your hearts out.

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So, what are you waiting for? Look up your calendars and get ready to experience the city of love like never before. And if you know of any more amazing placed to shop in Paris, let us know in the comments below. Plan a Paris tour package today.

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