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greeneries in the island
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Simply Silhouette- Nature’s Rebirth

Located 20 km north-west of Mahe, Silhouette Island is a perfect place to enjoy a cosy and relaxing vacation. It is a thinly populated island that stands away from all touristy affairs in Seychelles. In short, it is termed as the relaxation hub for all kinds of travellers. It is also a perfect destination for honeymoon couples looking for privacy and romance. Sparkling beaches, exciting water sports, and views that offer Insta-worthy pictures sum up the Silhouette Island. Spend a perfect holiday with your loved one in this dreamland.

Silhouette Island is a small landscape with a total area of 20 sq km. It is largely mountainous with five peaks within the small area. One can spend a memorable holiday at Silhouette Island by hiking and trekking through the naturally rugged landscape. The interior of the Island has a vast sandy beach. The island is known for many legends, myths, secret passages, pirate treasures, and lot more. If one wants to reach the Silhouette island without proper transportation arranged, then it is going to be an adventurous trail through the forest.

Boat in the silhouette island
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How to reach Silhouette Island?

The population of the island is very thin. The island can be reached from Mahe by ferries, speedboats and catamaran vessels. One can catch the ferry at 9:00 am 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm from Mahe. The same ferries return to Mahe at 5:00 am, 11:00 am, and 4:00 pm. You can also pick a helicopter from Mahe if you are a group of 5 members.

When to visit Silhouette Island?

The island is blessed with a tropical climate and can be visited round the year. May to December is the best pick to visit Silhouette, as you can experience bright sunshine and mild breeze. The island experiences heavy rainfall during July, August and September. So the wise option for water enthusiasts is to avoid these months.

Sunset in SIlhouette island
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Things to do in Silhouette Island

  • Lascars and Grande Barbe are ideal spots for diving deep into the ocean.
  • You can hike from La Passe to Grand Barbe, Anse Mondon and climb up Mont Dauban, the highest peak in the Island.  
  • The moniker of the mountain, which was earlier owned by the Dauban family during the mid 19th century. The family played a significant role in the development of this island. This place has now been transformed into a restaurant. It also has a mausoleum inside for the Dauban family members.
  • La Passe Beach is located near the only resort on the island. Its crystal clear water and sparkling white sand offer a breathtaking view. It is an ideal place for swimming and floating.
  • Anse Mondon beach is probably one of the best beaches in Seychelles. It is popular for its water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing. 
  • Indulge with a rejuvenating spa at the Hilton resort at Eforea Spa. It offers several therapeutic body and face treatments, steam room, plunge pool, and traditional hammam. 

Visit this sparsely populated island with a maximum of 100 inhabitants. Spend a private and romantic holiday with your loved one in this paradise. This secluded island with the unadulterated portrayal of nature will surely blow your mind. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Seychelles right away!