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Singapore at night
Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 6, 2020 Share on

Singapore in March – Weather,Things to do, What to Pack

Singapore is one of the most visited destinations in Asia and a perfect blend of different cultures and contemporary advancements. This provides us with an opportunity to taste a variety of delicious cuisines and experience advanced architectures going really well with the country’s tradition. The fact that the country has a mixed population and has something to offer to everyone, makes it a destination visited by different people. Be it the fascinating culture or the adventure-seeking experience or the scrumptious cuisines, the country has the best of all. Singapore is a wonderful destination to travel all year around, let alone Singapore in March.

View of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

Yes!, While I was explaining to you how beautiful the country is, I missed telling you why Singapore in March is worth visiting? It is considered to be one of the perfect times to visit as March is the month of fun-filled events which one should not miss enjoying. Let’s now see how planning a vacation in March is going to be exciting.

Weather in Singapore in March

Before we head out to the best things to do in Singapore in March, let’s see how the weather is like in this tropical island during March. With the Spring just kicking in, visiting Singapore in March can be one good decision as it’s not going to be either too hot nor too wet. The pleasant weather makes it easy for you to explore a few outdoor events. Being at the end of monsoon, though rainfall is going to be lesser, you may experience drizzles most of the days.

Best things to do in Singapore in March

1. The Singapore Festival of Fun

If you are a fun-loving person, then visiting Singapore in March is one of the best choices you can make as this month has the family-friendly festival happening with a variety of shows on games, music and comedy called The Singapore Festival of Fun. Never say NO to this fest especially if you are with kids, as this festival has some amazing shows which include Magicians, Acrobats, Stilt walkers and many more. In line with these, it also has nostalgic childhood games organized. Not just for the kids, this is for comedy lovers too as you can see local comedians running a lot of shows. This is something not to be missed if you are making it to Singapore in March.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore has amazing gardens which soothe your soul. One of them is the Gardens by the bay which is a must-visit place for everyone. This is beautifully located right near the Marina bay which makes it more beautiful and eye-catching. This is the house for the largest glass greenhouse, The Flower Dome. And the shaded regions will surely make it perfect for strolling.

Gardens by Bay lit up during night time
Photo by Miguel Sousa on Unsplash

3. Beaches in Sentosa island

Sentosa Island stands as a home for the golden sandy beaches, various theme parks, spa and many more which makes Sentosa be consistently on the top places to visit in Singapore in March. Especially visiting the beaches in Sentosa is gonna be one of the perfect ways to spend a day. You can take a free tram that drives along the coast through all the three beaches. Apart from the stunning sight, it also offers various water sports to make your day fun-filled.

Aerial view of the Sentosa Beach in Singapore
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

4. Universal Studios

Universal Studios, one of the largest amusement parks, is located on the Sentosa island which is the best option for some fun and leisure in Singapore. The park is filled with some famous Bollywood characters and cartoons, thrilling rides and so much more to have fun. Expect the park to be crowded than usual as Singapore in March is one of the busiest months. Once you get there, you will realise that there is plenty of fun for one to experience and you would never want to leave.

The globe in front of Universal Studios in Singapore
Photo by Ilyani Nasir on Unsplash

5. Trick Eye museum

Despite being a fun-filled country, Singapore also has few museums to know more about the place and its history. One such fun-filled museum is the Trick Eye Museum. It is one of the learning museums in Singapore where you can learn history with some entertaining experience. It is filled with optical illusions and Augmented Reality art installations and other realistic effects. With no doubts, this needs to be one of the go-to places in your list to make your trip to Singapore in March complete. Singapore is no stranger to weird museums and for cat lovers, Yes! Singapore has a Cat museum as well!

Skydiving illusion at the Trick eye museum in Singapore
Image credits: Flickr

The major attractions shared are only half of what Singapore has and there is much more to be explored. Make your way back with some amazing memories and beautiful pictures for life. Now that we know how exciting Singapore in March can be, what are you waiting for? Experience this beautiful country which has an amazing fusion of cultures by creating a Singapore holiday package of your choice with Pickyourtrail. We would love to help your dreams come true.

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