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Sri lanka Forest
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Sinharaja Forest Reserve – Greenish Refreshes Soul

Everyone needs a break from their regular life even machines will need a break to start work with full energy again, so does the human needs to enjoy some time with family as well some “me time”. Sri Lanka is always a green paradise of the world to refresh our souls. Greenish always gives freshness so Sri Lanka is the country that can refresh our soul. As truly said Sri Lanka is the Pearl of the Indian Ocean with its utmost beauty and culture. Let’s see one of the most important tourist spot Sinharaja Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Forest reserve
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Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a forest reserve and also a biodiversity hotspot of Sri Lanka. Recognized as a World Heritage Site with the aid of using UNESCO and a Biosphere Reserve. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is domestic to several uncommon plants and fauna. The vicinity is protected with uncommon vegetation and animals which might be endemic to Sri Lanka.It is likewise taken into consideration because the country’s ultimate location of tropical rainforest and is consequently of wonderful importance.

In Sinharaja forest reserve Over one hundred thirty birds, species are observed right here together with a number of the 33 species endemic to Sri Lanka. They’re additionally a wealthy reptile populace and myriads of bugs species, many but to be classified. Mammals scenes right here together with the crimson confronted langur monkey and the large squirrel. Sinharaja is likewise domestic to the elusive leopard. It is best to discover Sinharaja on foot, which makes for the virtually true jungle experience.

langur monkey Sri Lanka
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In 1875 most of the place was announced the Sinharaja forest reserve is under the waster lands ordinance and the rest was preferred as a forest reserve in the early 20th century. Around 9,203 hectares of Sinharaja forest reserve has set aside for watershed protection in 1926. It was declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve for the existing and proposed forest reserves in 1978. In 1988, a World Heritage site has made 6,092 hectares as a forest reserve and 2,772 hectares as a proposed forest reserve.

How to reach Sinharaja forest reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve has located 82 km from Galle or Bentota. Within 2-3 hours you can reach the Sinharaja Forest reserve by hiring a taxi or a private vehicle. There are a couple of alternatives available at the airport and you can choose any one of them depends on your budget and the number of travellers with you. It is better to visit this place when your staying in Bentota or Galle.

Opening Hours: It is open for public and tourists from 6.30 am to 6 pm however the ticketing office will be closed at 4.30 pm. Make sure that you reach on time to get a ticket in the morning incase if you wish spend a day in exploring forest reserve.

Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for adults is approximately INR 700 and for a child, it is around INR 350. Since it is a forest you definitely need Guide which is mandatory so there will you spend another INR 1000-1500. Obviously for camera you have to pay extra which come around INR 600

Best time to visit Sinharaja Forest Reserve

The pleasant time to go to Sinharaja Forest Reserve is both among January to May or August to December. You need to keep away from the monsoon season to go to any woodland or herbal reserves as throughout this time insects, insects and mosquitoes are at their most numbers and sicknesses predominate. Also, the vicinity gets heavy rainfall that makes it not possible for sightseeing and explorations.

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Therefore, January to May and August to December are the quality months to go to Sinharaja Forest Reserve.The climate is exceptional and gives a fantastic revel in of exploring this substantial expanse of herbal wonder.The dry and chillier months offer for extra cushty situations to revel in trekking expeditions and diverse explorations.

Sri Lanka forest reserve
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Ways to explore Sinharaja Forest Reserve

The first-class manner to revel in the proper essence of Sinharaja Forest Reserve is to use trekking or hiking the numerous trails which have been fashioned for this very purpose. These trekking trails are of numerous lengths and may be explored with the aid of using becoming a member of one of the many Forest Reserve tours. There are approximately sixteen trekking trails available. Some of the famous ones are below:

Kudawla-Molalla trek
This path is set three km in period and it covers the controlled land of the northwestern components of the Reserve. Although the path is protected in thickly wooded area its miles nevertheless relatively less complicated to stroll than the Sinhagala path. Due to being densely protected this path is best for Bird watching.

Kudawa-Sinhagala trek
This path is set eight km in duration and takes you beyond a number of the maximum scenic regions of the Forest. The trek results in Sinhagala, an excessive altitude top withinside the Forest. This is a sophisticated trek and it calls for an amazing quantity of bodily and intellectual health to cowl it.

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There are even 10 KM long trekking available. Neluwa-Kosmulla & Pitadeniya-Pathan-Oya is famous one will cover some waterfalls and caves along with other experience in the Forest Reserve.

Pre-tips to visit Sinharaja forest reserve

  • It is best to agenda your visit withinside the months of January to March and August to September.
  • Due to the frequent rains in Sinharaja, it is better to keep your rain protection kits ready with you.
  • Well, most of the trekking will be done during the daytime so let’s not forget the skincare lotion from Sun. Also make sure you carry insect repellents.
  • Do cover your face with a scarf or Mask to avoid getting dusty in the Forest.
  • It’s always good to wear clothes in sandy colour. Also please take a power bank, camera, extra memory card to avoid missing nay beautiful shots.

There is few more attractions nearby Sinharaja forest reserve. Like Patna Devision Deniyaya Sliding Rock, Gatabaruwa Raja Maha Viharaya, Sathmala Ella and Getabaru Bodhiya. Those who love nature and wildlife will definitely go to Sinharaja forest reserve during the vacay to Sri Lanka. Let’s plan your Sri Lanka vacation with Pickyourtrail, you can also see wonderful Sri Lanka packages. Do reach out to us if you need any help in customizing your vacation or any queries regarding the same.

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