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Skydiving in Germany
Written by Jaihari on June 14, 2020 Share on

Why you should experience Sky Diving in Germany

Germany is a very different country in Europe that is known for its vibrant and friendly culture along with rich heritage. Be prepared to get the smells of old books and museums because they are plenty there. Also, people in Germany possess a pearl of inherent wisdom and knowledge of things. Germany is also known for its large landscapes and beautiful vistas which become even more of a delight to watch when you do it from a bird’s eye view. And how can you do that? Well, by skydiving, of course!
Skydiving in Germany is an amazing experience as you lose all your inhibitions and delve into a land beyond the horizons! There are many awesome places where you can experience the sport and here is a fun guide on the same.

Sky Diving in Bavaria
Image Credits: Google Images

Best Time For Skydiving In Germany

Germany is a nation significantly landlocked in western Europe but on the other hand is honoured with the cool breath of the North Sea in, well, the north. Thus the nation is a blend of two significant climatic conditions – the mainland (in the south) and the oceanic (in the north). The best time to skydive in Germany is between April and October because the weather is cool and the sky is clear and most importantly because it does not rain during this time.


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4 Best Places In Germany For Skydiving

Germany has amazing landscapes and provides a great view for all those who skydive high up in the air. There are many incredible places in Germany for skydiving and the four best of them are:

  1. Berlin (Between INR 12,500 and 16,500)
  2. Bavaria (Between INR 14,000 and 18,000)
  3. Munich (INR 13,500 onwards)


Berlin is a superb blend of cosmopolitan style, history, culture, and adventure! It may come as a surprise, but Berlin is actually an amazing place for skydiving given the awesome landing zones and safe areas for diving. You will have a great experience by skydiving here!


Bavaria is the nation’s biggest, and one of Europe’s most established persistently existing states. It is also a great place for skydiving provided that there are some amazing operators functioning from the State and there are excellent zones for the sport. Trust us, you will love going skydiving in Bavaria for sure!


Neuschwanstein castle in Munich
Photo by Eric Marty on Unsplash

Munich is a beautiful country famous for its rich culture and architecture and also for its beautiful and picturesque landscapes. People love skydiving here as they get to experience an alluring view and because the operators here are really professional and will teach you right.

Skydiving across all these locations is a must-do for any adrenaline junkie and fun-loving person generally. All of these places are safe to skydive and will have professional guides who are well trained and have been doing this for years. So there is really no need to fear the activity or have any apprehension at all. Experiencing a skydive should be on the bucket list of every adventurous traveller.

Now that you have all the knowledge of skydiving spots across Germany, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and let’s go for an adventure! We at Pickyourtrail have exciting itineraries and Germany tour packages that you can choose from and enjoy a hassle-free trip!

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