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Skytrail Jungle Trek
Written by Rhea Alex on July 14, 2020 Share on

Skytrail Jungle Trek – Hiking through the Highest Mountain Range

About Skytrail Jungle Trek

Are you someone who loves all things adventure? Well, the ‘Skytrial Jungle Trek,’ could just be what you’ve been looking for! For those of you who would enjoy a good trek or two, coupled with the natural aura and charm that nature brings all with it, then the ‘Skytrail Jungle Trek,’ is something you’re sure to love. 

Not only is the trek located in the midst of dense jungle but also offers tourists a mountain trekking route with the best of views. A rendezvous with nature is what you’re truly in for and nothing can really beat that.

Skytrail Jungle Trek
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As you venture out into your Skytrail Jungle trek, you’ll also get to explore the ‘Langkawi’s mystic rainforest,’ one of the most popular rainforests in the region. As you pass by the rainforest, you’ll make your way up to the ‘Gunung Machinchang,’ mountain range, easily one of the oldest mountain ranges in the whole of Malaysia.

The ‘Skytrial Jungle Trek,’ witnesses a plethora of tourists every year, hoping to venture out on one of the adventures of their lifetime. It also happens to be the favourite trekking spot for most trekkers all year long. 

One of the highlights of the Skytrail Jungle trek remains the photo that is offered to trekkers at the end of their remarkable experience. For those of you who are new and wondering how you will cope with the trek, there are a number of expert guides who will travel alongside you throughout the trip. The guide will help unravel some of the secrets behind the very existence of this amazing forest. 

The entire journey of the Skytrail Jungle trek takes tourists through a series of stopover along the way. A basic trip package would begin by including a trip to the ‘ Oriental Village,’ a geo forest park in the region. You will next hop onto a cable car and ride all the way to the middle of the station.

During the course of the ride, tourists can soak in the mesmerizing aura of the coarse dense jungle right below them. Next up, would be a trail to the ‘Sky Bridge,’ as you make your way up to the mountain peak, which also happens to be the top of the station.

If you’re slightly more adventurous and would love to add in some surprise elements to your Skytrail Jungle trek, you could ditch the cable car ride and begin hiking right from the village to the peak of the summit.

But, tourists need to keep in mind that the physical strain that comes along with this trek takes quite a toll on your body. If you think you can cope and are up for such an exhilarating journey, the reward is priceless. You’ve got the Andaman sea landscape, Verdant forest and roaring cliffs, just around the corner. 

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What Not to Miss 

Find some of the best things you can do during your jungle trek.

Skytrail Jungle Trek – Cable Car

Skytrail Cable Car
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Skytrail Jungle Trek Cable Car,’ is one of the best rides you can hop onto during the trek, as it not only gives you some exceptional panoramic views but also is an exhilarating experience altogether. Tourists need to know that this is easily one of the steepest cable car rides in the world and covers an approximate distance of about 1,700 meters. If you’re a beginner level trekker and trekking isn’t really your forte, you could consider the cable car ride as your first choice

The ride gives tourists some spectacular views of the mountain peak and the forest itself, without having to go through a lot of strain to do so. Tourists can take the cable car ride all the way up to the ‘Middle Station,’ located at an altitude of about 650 meters.

Once, you’ve reached the spot, a trek to the top of the station – the ‘Sky Bridge,’ is what you’re in for. One of the other highlights of the trek is the stunning views tourists will get to witness of Langkawi, in particular. The lush green forests, coupled with the splendid aura of the dense surroundings, is a must-visit and definite worthwhile experience for every tourist in the region.

See Vibrant Flora & Fauna

See Vibrant Flora & Fauna
Image Credit – Google Images

When it comes to nature and what it brings to the table, there are truly no words to describe this trek. The forest is filled with over 1,500 varied species of flora and boats of a lot of umbrella trees, medicinal plants, aromatic resin producing trees and so on. As part of the Skytrain Jungle trek, tourists are also given an opportunity to explore some of these unusual trees, home to this dense forest.

The trees in the forest form an integral part of the entire trek, as they bring to light the phenomenal qualities that the forest offers. The tree structures themselves are a significant feature of this very trek. Tourists can witness trees with teeth like formations that appear to be bulging out, trees with a beast like a wide-open mouth and so much more. These are most definitely unique features of the trees in this forest and truly are a sight to behold. 

Enjoy Marvelous Views

Enjoy Marvelous Views
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Nothing can beat the marvellous views that come along with this incredible mountain trek. The phenomenal landscapes that tourists witness, as they make their way to this stunning mountain summit cannot be described in words. The vivid butterflies, flowering orchids, unbelievable rock formations, natural wonders and the list just goes on; are all some of the beauties you get to experience.  

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Choose From Various Trekking Options

Choose From Various Trekking Options
Image Credit – Google Images

Tourists opting to venture out on the ‘Skytrail Jungle Trek,’ have a number of varied trekking options to choose one. You can take a call based on the option that you feel is most convenient for you. Each of these options is entirely based on your fitness level and thus, it would make the most sense if you would take the call.

You could opt for the 900-meter trek, which happens to be the simplest of the lot. An entire trek, all the way through is yet another option. Either way, whichever option you decide to go with, we assure you that you’re going to truly love and cherish the Skytrail Jungle Trek for a lifetime.

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