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Top snorkeling Resorts in Maldives with the best house reef!

Are you someone who is thrilled by the thought of underwater adventure and swimming with colorful fishes? Then snorkeling in the world’s best house reef in Maldives would surely be in your bucket list. Maldives is quite well known for its most luxurious resorts as well as the underwater wonders. Putting your head under the crystal-clear water, you can find yourself face to face with anything from the Tuna fish and clownfish to turtles and whale tip sharks. The crystal clear lagoon in Maldives have attracted not only the advanced divers but also someone who has never tried snorkeling. We have compiled some of the best resorts that are blessed with amazing house reef so that you can have the best underwater experience. Read on to check which would be right up your alley for you next Maldives vacation!

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woman snorkeling
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Top 5 resorts that offers the best snorkeling experience

  1. Lily Beach Resort and Spa
  2. Reethi Faru
  3. Oblu Helengeli by Atmosphere
  4. Hurawalhi Island Resort
  5. Kandolhu Maldives

1. Lily Beach Resort and Spa

Lily Beach Resort and Spa holds its place high among the top resort for its Premium All-Inclusive plan. Reopened in 2009, after the reconstruction of the hotel. It boasts for its excellent design and spacious and stylish rooms. This resort is a short 25-minute Seaplane ride and provides a breathtaking view of the water below from the plane. You would be awed by the top amenities they provide and the luxurious stay it promises. Made not just for the Honeymooners, it caters to the family people as well with indoor kids club, swimming pool and kids buffet in the restaurant as well. Their staffs are also very kind and make sure all your needs are well tend to.

Here, in South Ari Atoll, you would be guaranteed with the best diving and snorkeling experience. If the tides are low, snorkelers can dive upto the top of the corals around the edge. If the season is perfect , you would be lucky enough to see manta rays and whale sharks are seen all through the season mostly.

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2. Reethi Faru

Blessed with an amazing house reef, this 5star bio- luxury resort is pretty famous among the Russians and the Europeans. It was opened around November 2017 in the Raa Atoll. Reethi Faru in Dhivehi means “Beautiful Reef” and definitely lives up to its name, with a vibrant house reef not far from its shore. This beautiful resort, can be reached either by a 45 minute scenic SeaPlane ride or by taking a domestic flight to Dharavandhoo airport and then a short speedboat ride. You would love the journey via the Seaplane where you would be able to see all the small – small dotted islands and the turquoise water glistening under the sunlight.

The PADI or the SCUBA courses are offered here for begiinners as well as advanced divers, where they can be guided by the trainers. Water sports here is famous enough and attracts a lot of visitors whose main attraction is diving or snorkelling. Coming here, you will  leave satisfied as this provides you a chance to fully explore and experience Maldives ! They do organise various dives from early morning dives, afternoon dives to night dives as well.

underwater diving
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3. Oblu Helengeli by Atmosphere

This beautiful resort known for its All- Inclusive plan is home to some of the best colorful house reef. It is just a short 50 minute speedboat ride from the Male International Airport. This laid back and island resort opened around September 2015 and has a total of  116 villas. You can totally enjoy different combination of stay like 2nights in a Beach Villa and then maybe the next couple of Nights in their gorgeous Water Villa. Their Water Villa comes with a Private pool as well, where you can chill and enjoy the evening sunset sipping on your cocktail.

The underwater scenery here with the amazing house reef will blow your mind. It has ample marine life, where you can find small schools of fish to top predators like sharks, tuna and Barracuda. Also manta rays and whale sharks also a sight to see, if you are lucky enough. Just make sure you don’t touch or disturb any of the creature, as they are very sensitive to human touch and we don’t want to disturb their peace.


Oblu by Atmosphere at Helengeli @ ₹60,000*

4. Hurawalhi Island resort

Hurawalhi Island resort is a 5star property known for its brilliant and extraordinary style of its rooms. It was designed by a Japanese architecture and is incomparable to any of the resorts nearby. This Adults only resort is a 40minute SeaPlane ride from the Valena International Airport.  You would have read numerous articles about Underwater restaurants and if visiting one of those is one among your bucket list, then this resort is a must-visit for you! 5.8 Undersea Restaurant offers you with the most delicious food that will stay in your heart for a very long time. Apart from amazing food, they make sure you have an awesome evening where Candle Light Dinners are also set up on request.

Apart from these, the resort boasts of a good marine life where you can go diving or snorkeling in the house reef. Manta rays are quite a frequent site and swimming with them would be a clear experience you would love to have. Water skiing and paragliding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking and catamarans are all part of the vast Water sports menu the resort offers.

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5. Kandolhu Maldives

If you are looking for an unforgettable Honeymoon vacation with white sandy beaches, Kondolhu Maldives is the perfect getaway. This 5star boutique hotel has one of the best house reef in Maldives and is a short 25minute Seaplane ride from the Valena International Airport. This property is home to about 30Villas only, and if you are looking for some private getaway where privacy is most important, this is the right choice. This European style architecture built with private deck where you can enjoy the evening sunset and the beautiful ocean views as well.
Kandolhu is one among the favorites diving place in Maldives, offers three dives each day – two in the morning and once around the afternoon. The island is surrounded by rich colorful corals and has an abundant marine life.

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Maldives a must-visit, filled with amazing white beaches and turquoise blue water. Underwater snorkeling to see some of the beautiful marine life would be one of the most memorable things you would ever get to do in Maldives. So, we don’t want you to miss this awesome experience in one of the most luxurious top rated resorts.
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