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With the local women of Bhutan
Written by Amirthavarshini on June 18, 2020 Share on

How I Explored Bhutan All Alone!

I am extremely happy and satisfied having chosen PYT for my solo trip to Bhutan! 🙂 I would highly recommend PYT! Kudos to the entire team! 🙂

I was asked by the team about the driving force that motivated me to travel all alone to a new country. My answer is as simple as planning and booking with Pickyourtrail. I had a very busy 2019, so I wanted to spend some time just with myself (to gift myself the “me-time”) and end the year with a good solo trip to Bhutan. I had always known that Bhutan is the happiest country in the world (not in terms of GDP, but Gross National Happiness)! I wanted to explore the reasons for it being so. I also understood that the GNH had a lot to do with Bhutanese tradition and their way of living. I wanted to pick up something for myself from Bhutanese culture. While researching Bhutan, I found that it was a country led by great leadership. 

Outside the beautiful temple of Bhutan

I loved exploring different places in a new country, trying various delicious foods and taking photos (even though I am an amateur photographer!). This experience was great and priceless! Most importantly, the people were amazing. I felt Bhutanese people were very simple, warm and friendly. They took a lot of care of their visitors and had a lot of respect for the monarchy too! They were very forward in their thinking and thoroughly understood the importance of education. Most importantly, I found them to be very thankful for everything they had and also expressed gratitude, which I felt, lacks in the current world! And I feel that’s one reason for their happiness! 

With the child monks of Bhutan
A picture with the localites during my solo trip to Bhutan


Day one of my solo trip to Bhutan started from Thimpu. It was a sightseeing activity in the bustling little city. It was a complete overview of Bhutan’s religion, customs, dress code, and the monasteries. This modern city had an abundance of restaurants, internet cafes, nightclubs, and shopping centres all over. Thimphu was a perfect depiction of both the modernization and cultural identity of Bhutan. The tour guide was so kind and knowledgeable. I got to experience a glimpse of Bhutan’s music dance and literature on this tour. 

With the ladies during my solo trip to Bhutan

The Dochula Pass

Day 2 started with a beautiful ride from Thimphu to Punakha over Dochula pass. I was so lost amidst the lush greeneries and mind-blowing views. The Dochula Pass offered a stunning 180-degree panoramic view of the Great Himalayan mountain ranges. The view was simply spectacular and clear that I was able to see the series of ice-capped ranges with the 108 Chortens gracing the mountain pass.

Lamperi Botanical Park

In the park, I witnessed much-varied flora and fauna. I, being a nature lover, thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Different species of rhododendrons, parrots, and other birds were chirping in almost every corner of the park.

Punakha Sightseeing 

I was so excited about my third day’s trip as I heard that Punakha is often referred to as the second capital having the best Dzongs of Bhutan. Punakha was the perfect place to awaken the nature lover in me. Throughout the trip, I was taking in the splendid views of the Himalayas. The sounds of the Mo Chhu and Po Chhu rivers were so soothing that I was simply soaked up in the serene beauty of this gorgeous valley. 

Trying out the national sport, archery during my solo trip to Bhutan

Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Lhakhang

The majestic temple standing on a strategic ridge was a splendid example of Bhutan’s fine architectural and artistic talent. While hiking to reach the temple, the cliff offered amazing views of Punakha valley and Mochu river. 

Bhutan's temple architecture during my solo trip to Bhutan

Paro Sightseeing 

The fertile valley with bounties of red rice terrace fields blessed with beautiful weather brought heaven in front of my eyes. The famous Buddhist pilgrimage site was full of aesthetic temples, mini vintage-styled villages and stunning cliffs. This picturesque region in the kingdom had a very beautiful, crystalline river meandering down the valley. Paro, filled with many attractions, encompassed more historical sites, high-end tourist resorts, and many souvenir shops for shopping including the world-famous Taktsang. 

Standing with the aesthetic architecture background

Taktsang Gompa/Tiger’s Nest Temple

My next leg was to the Taktsang Gompa/Tiger’s Nest Temple. This iconic place commonly known as one of the holiest sites in Bhutan clung impossibly to a sheer cliff face, 900 meters above the valley. It was indeed an adventurous and tiresome trek. But the view after reaching the cliff was worth the efforts. 

Kichu Lhakhang

This temple offered the utmost insight into the talent and craftsmanship of Bhutanese artists. This was simply a treat to the eyes. The temple representative was very knowledgeable and educated the entire mob regarding the history of the temple. I was amused to know that the temple was built in a time span of a single night. 

During the trekking experience

Even though at the beginning, I was slightly apprehensive, I felt very safe throughout the trip later on. Everything I experienced in my solo trip to Bhutan, which included my travel, food, culture and people was brilliant. During my entire trip, I was very particular about eating only Bhutanese cuisine and it was made sure that I only ate Bhutanese food. Though I enjoyed every segment of the trip, I would like to highlight some of my favourite experiences.

having Bhutanese food during my solo trip to Bhutan

I had an awesome experience with PYT from the start till the end, from planning to execution! Travel Destination Expert Amitabh had customized the whole trip according to my requirements. I had a very reliable and friendly driver along with a tour guide to help me around in Bhutan with everything. The accommodations were also chosen carefully to fit my requirements. PYT staff (especially Saradhambal and Janani) were constantly in touch with me during and after the trip to make sure my requirements and comfort were being met throughout.

I strongly believe that the best stories are written in the pages of our passports. If travel resumes and if I am available to take a holiday, I would like to travel to Sri Lanka or do Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-Laos over a period of a few weeks. With the memories of my trip to Bhutan and the dreams of my future trips, I’m winding up this article. Looking forward to many more amazing trip like this with Pickyourtrail!