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Spain in September
Written by Janani on June 14, 2021 Share on

Spain in September – Your Complete Guide to a Fun Spain Trip

Spain is easily one of the most popular countries when it comes to travelling in Europe. This country is bestowed with beauty in every possible way, right from gorgeous landscapes, pristine beaches, to world-renowned cuisine and rich culture. Spain has beautiful weather all around the year and is ideal to visit anytime you prefer. However, you should check out Spain in September. With crowds thinning out September is the perfect time to enjoy sunbathing or road-tripping, museum-hopping, or simply eating and drinking your way through this stunning nation. 

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Weather in Spain in September

September is one of the best months you should be travelling to Spain. The months of July and August are the peak season of Spain, thus making September less crowded. This is exactly when the prices of accommodation and few activities drop thereby making it ideal for a fun-filled budget-friendly trip. 

Weather in Spain in September
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Spain is blessed with good climatic conditions throughout the year. With the southern part of the country being warm and sunny and the Northern part being a bit cooler than the south, the weather of Spain in September is pleasant and favourable. The average temperature ranges between 19° C to 21.1° C. You might experience cooler weather in the Northern region and also along the coast due to the sea breeze. 

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Where to Go & What to Do in Spain in September

The warm and cosy weather of September makes the beaches more attractive. Get the best out of these beaches on a warm sunny day and bronze yourselves under the strongest rays. Beaches in Marbella, Andalusia region, the Costa del So and Ibiza in the Canary Islands are particularly nice and warm. 

Where to Go & What to Do in Spain in September
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If you aren’t a beach person and aren’t planning for a beach holiday, go on a food tour. Food is an essential part of the Spanish lifestyle. Go on food tours and relish some great food and indoor culture. 

While in Spain in September you will have to visit San Sebastian and the Basque country. The mild temps during this month make strolling the waterfront with views of San Sebastian Bay an attractive prospect. But to be honest it is the city’s pintxos culture that really draws the crowds. Pintxo or Pinchu are tapas-like small snacks, most often seen in bars. It is an integral part of Basque culture and cuisine that you shouldn’t miss tasting while in Spain.

One another place you should be visiting is Guggenheim City which’s situated in the city of Bilbao. Designed by Frank Gehry, this museum is not just an architectural marvel, it also features a collection of Contemporary Art from all over the world. This museum also features ever-changing modern art exhibitions with varied themes. Few other great museums in Spain are Prado in Madrid, and the Picasso Museum and Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, in Barcelona

restuarant in Spain
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You can also visit the coastal city of Valencia, which is just three hours away from the south of Barcelona. You can also visit the City of Arts and Sciences complex. This massive complex sits on 350,000 square meters boasting an interactive science museum, an open-air oceanographic park, an opera house, and a cultural centre. This complex is a true architectural marvel of Spain.

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Festivals to Attend in Spain in September

Spain is full of celebrations. You have something to celebrate and have fun whenever you might travel. Here are 5 best festivals that you shouldn’t miss attending while visiting Spain in September

  • Euskal Jaiak
  • Catalan Day
  • Santa Tecla Festival
  • Festa de la Mercè
  • San Sebastian Film Festival

1. Euskal Jaiak:

This Festival highlights the culture and heritage of Spain, especially the Basque culture and heritage. During this festival, you will get a glimpse of the Basque dance and various other elements of Basque folklore.

2. Catalan Day:

Celebrated on September 11 every year, Catalan day is celebrated in commemoration of the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish succession in 1714. This festival features live music, street parades and various other shows throughout the day.

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3. Santa Tecla Festival:

The Santa Tecla Festival is celebrated in Tarragona. It is a 10-day long event and is very popular with the locals. The streets are crowded with locals and tourists during the festival. From tasty cuisine to street dances and fire shows, it’s the best time to explore the streets of Spain.

Santa Tecla Festival
Source: Unsplash

4. Festa de la Merce:

This Festival is held in honour of Our Lady of Mercy. It also marks the official start of the fall. The most notable feature of these festivals is the human towers that can go as high as 15 meters.

5. San Sebastian Film Festival:

Featuring hundreds and hundreds of films, the San Sebastian Film Festival is a must-visit if you are a movie lover. The films featured here are not just limited to Spanish creators, it features hundreds of films and creators from around the world for several days.

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These are the must-do things and must-visit places in Spain in September. Make sure to note these down in your travel journal to plan a memorable trip to Spain. It would be really great if you can attend at least one of the above festivals so plan accordingly. 

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