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Spring Destinations In Australia: Make The Most Of The Shoulder Season

In between the cold winters and sunny summers, spring is when the country is full of blooming florals. Spring draws in less crowd being shoulder season and is also the season for a lot of festivals in Australia. There are numerous destinations where happening events take place that you can not miss out on during your Australia trip. Find below the best spring destinations in Australia.

Best Spring Destinations In Australia


Canberra: Best Spring Destinations In Australia
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Canberra is the country’s capital and is Australia’s political epicentre. But, it has so much more to offer than just political history. The capital city has some of the top art galleries and museums in all of Australia. Additionally, it has suburb dining areas and amazing natural scenery. When preparing for a trip to Canberra, we recommend touring in September or October so you will be able to attend the annual Floriade festival. This festival is the city’s premier spring festival and highlights more than a million colourful flowers stretching across 8,000 square metres that you can admire.


Melbourne has been voted as the world’s most livable cities in the world. Never a bad time to visit the city, but spring especially brings out the fun things to do. It is one of the more fun spring destinations in Australia as the events happen in full swing. There are so many festivals to attend. Such as Spring Racing Carnival, along with the “the race that stops a nation” – the Melbourne Cup. This is so celebrated in Melbourne that it is a national holiday in the city. Sporting events come out in full swing. Another one is the AFL Grand Final, hosted yearly at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The Whitsundays

whitsundays: Best Spring Destinations In Australia
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The Whitsundays is amazing all year round so you can visit anytime. However, the advantages of visiting in September and not during the peak season (October – May) is more pleasant temperatures. The Whitsunday Islands have a tropic climate which usually consists of humidity and rain. That’s why September’s temperatures are more recommended as it is more pleasant to experience at 26 degrees Celsius and the month gets one of the lowest rainfalls in the entire year with an average 35 mm reported as opposed to 434 mm in February. The month is also a good time to view Humpback Whales as they pass by the Great Barrier Reef.

Hunter Valley

One of the advantages of visiting the Hunter Valley in the spring season is having lesser crowd and flocking tourists, although you might spot couples visiting on their honeymoon during this season. Hunter Valley is situated in New South Wales and only two hours north of Sydney. The area is especially known for being a wine region having more than 120 wineries, gourmet establishments and a variety of day spas. The Hunter Valley comes alive with the Spring Festival in September during springtime. Additionally, the guests end up booking hot air balloons to see the amazing panoramic views of the countryside here. In Conclusion, it is one of the best spring destinations in Australia

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-biggest island is situated off the coast of South Australia. It is known as an island of solitude and is close to Adelaide. However, the island is quite an expensive destination to visit. Going to Kangaroos Island during the spring season which is also the shoulder season helps reduce costs. Once you arrive there go explore Seal Bay Conservation Park for sure. Additionally, hike through the Remarkable Rocks and ensure you meet up with the islands local wildlife. The animals are always free-roaming around this region. Kangaroo Island is also gourmet heaven for food lovers serving good seafood, cheese, and wine.


The most famous city in all of Australia known for its amazing attractions such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo and Bondi Beach and so much more to do in one of the biggest spring destinations in Australia. The city of Sydney is best visited during springtime due to a number of reasons. Such as, the temperature is enjoyable at a pleasant 21 degrees Celsius and the month gets the second lowest rainfall in the whole year. You will not face the problem of being around flocking tourists as the crowds will be less. Hence, visiting during early September or late October will have lesser crowds. while those with children can visit during the spring school holiday period.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay
Credits: Unsplash

Byron Bay is Australia’s most easterly located town. it is home to Thor AKA the ambassador of Australia, Chris Hemstorm. this small little beach town is not to be underestimated by size. It draws in many tourists every year is one of the most popular spring destinations in Australia. Located on the coast, it enjoys surf beaches, new-age retreats and dense wilderness.  Situated in the state of New South Wales, nearby to the Queensland border, Byron Bay is favoured with warm temperatures throughout the year. Yet, spring has the lowest average of rain records. Spring is also at the absolute end of whale watching season with lesser tourists coming in.


Credits: Unsplash

Perth is not yet a touristy destination and is often overlooked by travellers. it surely will not disappoint. It does have a dry sunny summer but spring keeps a pleasant average of 23 degrees Celsius with little rainfall which makes touring the city way more fun. Some of the attractions to visit are Kings Park, Bell Tower, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Swan River, St Mary’s Cathedral, Scitech Discovery Centre, Perth Zoo and Perth Mint and much more. Also, make sure you take a day trip to see Rottnest Island and Fremantle.

In conclusion, here are our top picks for the best Spring destinations to visit in Australia. Spring is the shoulder season also has lesser tourists and a discount on the prices. There’s no better reason to want to visit Australia. Time to get packing and book one of  PickyourTrail‘s Australia tour package and pick out the best-suited package for you. Drop a Whatsapp inquiry for more options or to speak with a destination expert.

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