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A view of the nature taken in Sri Lanka
Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 26, 2020 Share on

Sri Lanka with family – My Journey Down South to the Island of Ceylon

Travelling is happiness. It has always been. But taking your family with you and seeing them explore places is something beyond happiness. How do we call it? Heavenly? Divine? Owh! I am falling short of words to describe how happy it would make someone feel. Here is our customer Sundaresan Krishnaswami who took his parents Krishnaswami and Lakshmi on a family trip to Sri Lanka and he says We ended our trip on a happy note despite the trip getting cut short due to Corona. He added, I must say, my parents were pleasantly surprised about the thing that Pickyourtrail had actually booked us with the top travel partner in Sri Lanka making our trip easy for us.

Here is everything that Sundaresan has to say about their journey to this paradise:

I was planning a trip for a long time to Sri Lanka with my family and gladly the time had come. My colleague is working with Pickyourtrail and that was how I came to know about this amazing trip planner. I loved the way the entire planning was done and about the on-trip experience, here it goes!

How do I even start? Everything about the vacation was just so perfect. Right from planning a trip to beautiful Sri Lanka with my family to choosing Pickyourtrail as my trip planner, I am more than glad that I made the right choices. The one major concern I had was travelling with my parents and if things will be taken care of. But Pickyourtrail never gave me the chance to ask for anything as whatever planned was way more than what we were expecting from them.


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Sri Lanka with my family <3

I, my dad and my mom started our trip to Sri Lanka on March 9, 2020. Yes! It is the same time when Corona cases were raising all over the world. But that didn’t stop us from making it to this beautiful Island.

Here is how my entire trip went:

I think describing how well they received us would be the best one to start with. Once we landed at the Colombo airport, we were given a warm welcome with a brochure having our plan well described, a Sri Lankan map and what to expect from Sri Lanka. And from the airport, we were picked up to the hotel in a mini 8-seater van just for us. So comfortable, I can say.

We visited the Munneswaram Temple and Manavari Temple on the way to the hotel. I must say that they were super awesome and a calming place to visit. When everything was going fine and more than what we thought Pickyourtrail would do, I was expecting also the hotel to be convenient. They never proved me wrong. The hotel that was booked for us is one of the best hotels in Sri Lanka. What made me feel more relaxing was the rooms allotted for us. They were in such a way that it is easily accessible for my parents too.

One of the major temples to visit while planning a trip to Sri Lanka

We started from Pelvehera Village, the resort we stayed at and visited the Koneswaram Temple, Fort Fredrick & Trincomalee Harbour. It was one awesome day at Trincomalee and here comes my favourite part of the trip. It is the road trip to Kandy, the next day. In addition, we had our Ramayana tour as well. Apart from visiting temples, we had a visit to the tooth relic and Gem Museum and few gardens too. Kandy is one awesome place, I would say.

A statue in the Kandy city, Sri Lanka

Instead of me being in the picture, I felt that the destination should be in limelight and hence all pics are of the destination 🙂

Here is how my trip cut short by one day and how a group of ninjas helped us to get back home safely:

After that, we moved to Nuwara Eliya. That was supposed to be the second last city we would be visiting but due to the raising corona cases and the travel advisories by the government, it happened to be the last city we spent our vacation at. We visited Colombo again but just to take off. Pickyourtrail helped us in a booking a new flight as we made our way back to India with such beautiful memories to cherish despite the plan to Colombo getting cancelled.

A picture of Sundaresan's mom and dad at Sri Lanka

It is so heartwarming to see how Sundaresan and his parents had spent their vacation on this beautiful Island. Got inspired? Its high time that you should plan a Sri Lanka travel with your parents too. It’s not too late to get yours started. You can craft your own itineraries and unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!

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