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Architecture of Mariamman temple
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Sri Mariamman Temple- The Gateway of Faith

It’s time to relive the tradition long forgotten by the cities. Sri Mariamman Temple in Singapore is located in South Bridge Road, Singapore. It is considered as the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore.  Standing tall in the middle of the street showcasing a very vivid style of Dravidian architecture, the temple instills positivity and faith among the people. When in Singapore, pay a visit to Sri Mariamman Temple and get blessed.

History of Sri Mariamman Temple

The temple is commonly known as Mariamman Kovil by the localites. This architectural marvel was constructed by Naraina Pillai in the year 1827. It has been gazetted as a National monument. It is also a major tourist attraction, due to its architectural and historical significance. The Hindu Endowments Board, a statutory board under the Ministry of Community Development is currently managing the temple. Sri Mariamman Temple initially served as a refuge for new immigrants, particularly South Indian Tamil Hindus. The temple granted them shelter until they found work and permanent accommodation. Besides worship, the temple was also a remarkable place for various social, cultural, and educational activities especially weddings during the colonial era.

Temple tower of Mariamman temple
Image credits: Flickr

Know more about the temple!

The temple is considered as the country’s most-visited temples because of its religious significance. Get ready to witness the intricate architecture and lively exteriors. The temple was built as a dedication to goddess Mariamman. Visit the goddess who is believed to be the one to bless the devotees with the cure of epidemic illnesses and diseases. The ornate tower of the temple is commonly known as Gopuram. The tall street wall with statues of cows and a lion on top will capture the attention of people passing by. The temple has a welcoming atmosphere with vibrantly colored pillars and floral hanging decorations. The ceiling painted with colorful religious images adds divinity to the place.

Apart from goddess Mariamman, there are shrines with decorated domes that belong to Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Shiva. You will also find Draupadi’s shrine to the left of which reside the Pandavas presided over by Lord Krishna. The free-standing flagpole commonly known as ‘Kodi Maram’ in Tamil is another important aspect of the temple. On every major festival or rituals, a flag is raised here on this flag pole as a mark of Serenity.

Entrance of Mariamman temple
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Note to travelers!

Devotees visiting the temple are advised to wear clothes covering their shoulders and legs. The temple is open from 07:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the morning and 06:00 PM to 08:45 PM in the evening. Don’t miss the chance to witness the most captivating fire-walking festival of the temple. It is celebrated during the mid-October and mid-November. During this event, devotees will walk over man-made fire pits. Only those who are solely devoted to the goddess will make it to the other side unscathed.

The statues of deities, paintings depicting folklore scenes, majestic doors with tiny bells hanging on it will surely be a feast for the eyes. As a whole, this temple is a sacred place that binds the whole community contributing to peace. Pay a visit to The Maha Mariamman Temple whenever you get a chance to be here and feel graced with its divinity and spiritual ambiance. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start customizing your trip to Singapore!

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