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Weird places of the catacombs
Written by Amirthavarshini on August 7, 2020 Share on

Top Strange Places Around The World That Will Blow Your Mind Off

How good are you at cooking up strange stories to scare your friends? If you aren’t a pro, you will have many stories to tell once you finish reading this. Also, If you are reading this, then you are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you! *winks* Just kidding ?
Get to know about the weirdest yet wonderful places in the world.

#1 Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

strange places of Spotted lake
Image credits: Unsplash

Spotted Lake is believed to be a sacred place with magical powers by the native Okanagan people. You will be amused to know that the lake evaporates during the summer season. Small different coloured mineral pools are left behind, appearing like Alien spots. Creepy isn’t? Oh, my dear! Can we go and meet the aliens lurking around the corners?

#2 The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

polygonal stones of Giant causeway
Image credits: Unsplash

Volcanoes are quite common in Ireland. But this 60000-year-old volcanic eruption has a different back story. Have you ever seen volcanic lava solidifying into perfect hexagonal columns? A Giant names Finn McCool resides by the volcano and makes these surreal tubes. It is believed by the locals that these dramatic hexagon tubes were built by him to fight against his rival. How about visiting this attraction in Ireland and greeting the giant for his creation? Now, Is that scary?!

#3 Thor’s Well, Oregon, USA

the strange place of Thor's well

Many of us love waterfalls. How about visiting a water-rise? Yes. That’s true. Thor’s well in the USA shoots water upwards with great force due to a natural phenomenon. This mysterious well is located in the middle of the sea, yet, it is not full. Ew! Is this possible? If you are planning to visit Oregon’s well, don’t go very close, because the well might eat you up!

#4 Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Pink lake in Australia
Image credits: Unsplash

How excited are you to visit this the pink lake in Australia? The lake is surely a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. It is the strawberry milkshake that runs like a lake in Australia. Pinky Promise. Just Kidding xD. Unlike normal lakes, it maintains a deep pink colour throughout the year. Scientists believe that this is due to high salinity combined with the presence of a salt-loving algae species.

#5 The Tianzi Mountains, China

“More Sky People are gonna come” once again! Go on a cable car to the flying mountains and find Jake Sully and his fellow dragons from the sets of Avatar. These staggering limestone pinnacles in China blanketed with lush greeneries and shrouded in mist is a strange place to visit. Tianzi, Here we come!

#6 The Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean

bermuda triangle ocean view
Image credits: Unsplash

The massive doors of Area 51 echoing like iron thunder are ready to open for your arrival! This unknown mystery of the Bermuda triangle will surely shake everyone’s heart for sure.  The stories of unusual magnetic readings and ships, planes and people who have disappeared here without a trace are still haunting. Everything looks strange here. Even the ocean. Ready to get lost?

#7 Socotra Island, Yemen

The land of scary trees is swaying at you! This isolated land in Africa is a six million-year-old mystery. You will literally feel like stepping into the sets of a sci-fi movie. The plants and trees found here are not found anywhere else in the world.

There’s an undeniable thrill about these strange places in the world. They are BOO-tiful and breathtaking at the same time. Now that you’ve got a sneak peek about it, just haunt it! Let your friends know that something wicked comes their way. Are you excited to go on an adventurous tour? Head to the Pickyourtrail website and craft your dream vacation right away. You can also connect with us via Whatsapp and plan your trip at ease.