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Meet the student traveller who visited 17 countries while studying full time in a top-tier university!

Meet the student who visited 17 countries while studying full time!

Waiting until you graduate to travel like you’ve always wanted to? Sabrina, the travel influencer with the famous tag GirlVsGlobe proves you don’t need to be rich to travel while studying full time. I never failed my exams nor have a silver spoon background, says Sabrina who globe-trotted while graduating as a Political Science student from a top-tier university.

What does it take? Killer money-saving hacks, virtual study programmes and keeping your plans realistic, says Sabrina. Here are some top tips to manifest your travel dreams into reality while studying—as suggested by Sabrina!

Your student identity card might be the ace up your sleeve!

Your university identity card fetches you discounted or free entry to most of the museums and important attractions all over the world. Even better, get an International Student Identity Card(ISIC) which can get you discounts even on accommodation, airfares and guided tours. ISIC is one of the most universally accepted cards which serve over 133 countries. Surefire hack, right?

The offer game doesn’t stop with that!

Ever heard of the Student Advantage Card? Take an annual subscription and you are subjected to benefits that extend beyond travelling—it makes getting around a destination way more affordable than you might expect. From Greyhound Bus and Lyft to several shopping retailers, the card offers a discount on many things.

Work part-time to earn yourself those extra bucks.

No course demands you to spend all of your time studying and attending lectures whatsoever. You will get a ton of free time and what better way to spend it than by something you’ve never tried before? Like working somewhere where you will meet a lot of new people, make connections every day while also saving some money? You will also get some fun experiences to recall for days to come.

Follow the most cliched way to travel abroad effectively—study or work there for a short period!

Combine college with travel. For instance, if you enrol for a course in a Schengen country you can visit any of the 26 countries it allows access to! Semester vacations can never be more exciting! But if you’re already studying or are planning to study only in your country, no worries! There are Semester Abroad Programs(SAP) where you can complete one or two of your semesters in a country of your choice.

Ever heard of a Working Holiday Visa?

A working holiday visa lets travellers above 18 to work while holidaying in a country. Check if you’re eligible to avail this visa in a specific country and be prepared to undertake exciting jobs—they vary from traditional cheese-making in Australia to kiwi-picking in New Zealand!

The surefire one-word hack: Volunteer!

It’s not a hack. It’s one of the most fulfilling travel experiences you will ever get. From wildlife conservation in Thailand to tutoring in Kenya, there are amazing beings from all over the world who could use your help. Do a lot of research while choosing what to do and where to go, to make sure your effort reaches those in need.

Keep it real, don’t go VERY adventurous!

There are too many suggestions such as couch-surfing, jail-break and house-sitting to save money while travelling. But let’s keep it real. You’re a student and you have just started travelling(probably). Always ensure safety first. Adventures are fun only as long as you know where to draw the line.

And finally, travel while you’re studying at least once, to understand what awaits beyond your comfort zone. You won’t regret it.

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Image credit: GirlVsGlobe

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