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Sugar Museum And Factory – Taste the sweet history of Mauritius Factory

One of the best tropical destinations in the world, Mauritius is a must-visit place. With the Capital being Port Louis, this island is a part of the Mascarene island. Considered as honeymoon spot by many travelers, it has various places to offer for solo travelers too. Mauritius is an island country located in the Indian ocean and it is totally surrounded by coral reefs, this island hails to be a volcanic region. The Grand River South East and the Black River are the two major rivers in this country which are also a major source of hydroelectric power. The chief source of water is Lake Vacoas. The vegetation of this Island includes 600 indigenous species, even though the little original forest is left. Let us look at one of the major historic places of this Island country, the Sugar Museum And Factory.

Mauritius Island
Image credits –  Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash

Sugar Museum And Factory

This is one of the important places in the history of this island country. Once the visitors visit this place, they will understand the importance of how sugar played a great role in the history of this country. This museum offers the tourists the experience of witnessing the age-old sugar extracting machines. A beautiful botanical garden and some travelling exhibitions are places outside the building of the museum. Considered as one of the important places in the history of the island, this sugar museum and factory show to the visitors how sugar plantation has helped in boosting the economy of Mauritius. The museum helps the tourists understand the economic, cultural and historic importance of the island.

Sugar Museum And Factory in Mauritius
Image credits – Google Images

History of Sugar Museum And Factory

The sugar museum and factory is located in the small village of Pamplemousses, north of the country. This museum contains numerous machinery, evaporates, blenders, Vaccum pens and many more. The tourists are taken through the Beau Plan Sugar Estate, which is now transformed into a museum. They explain the process of sugar and how it has been of significance to the economy of the island. Last used until the year 1970, This has then been converted into a museum. This tour is for all age groups. Tow guides even explain to the children about the history of sugar. There are mynah bird and mongoose all around the place. They provide great entertainment to the kids. After this tour, you will certainly gain the knowledge of how important sugar has been to the economy of the island.

L'Aventure du Sucre Entrance
L’Aventure du Sucre Entrance | P.C – Google Images


There are many people who are simply interested in knowing and gaining knowledge of sugar. This place is amongst the popular tourist attraction of the island. So this is open all days of the week to the tourists who visit Mauritius. The duration of the total tour will take 1.5 hours to complete. Timings of the tours are flexible.

All Days: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Free guided tours: 10:30 AM, 2:30 PM (Mon – Thu) and 2:50 AM (Friday)
The last visit is to be at 4:00 PM. The ticket offices close at 4:15 PM.

Ticket Rates:

Adult Rates – 425 Mauritian Rupee
Child (6-13 years) – 200 Mauritian Rupee
Student (13-26 years) – 200 Mauritian Rupee

Special Closing Days:

Closure dates of the Museum:
24th, 25th, 26th and 31st December
1st and 2nd January

This is one of the must-visit places once you visit Mauritius. Have the best of your trip created by the best. Check out the Pickyourtrail to create your own Mauritius Tour Packages with all the must-do activities in Mauritius.

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