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Written by Akshaya Devi on June 8, 2020 Share on

Sunny side up—Maldives eyes tourism revival in July!

Following Maldives’ announcement of tourism revival starting July 1, travellers can hope for a beach holiday in the Maldives soon albeit a different one than their previous Maldives experience.

The Maldives was one of the first to bunker in when international countries started closing borders to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Now in the wake of countries with a tourism-reliant economy reviving tourism with COVID-proof guidelines, Maldives announced recently that the island destination will reopen to tourists in July. The statement reinstated that the travellers won’t incur any additional charge or entry fees, revoking its previous declarations about increased Maldives tourist visa and landing charges.

The hotspot tourist destination that had earlier shelved the plans of tourism revival later this year, is now confident about accepting keen travellers. On the sunny side, for a decision with so much at stake, the Maldives also assures that the safety and hygiene of travellers will never be left to chance. The government plans to issue safe tourism licenses to warrant properties that meet CDC and local government’s safety guidelines. This includes maintaining sufficient stock of protective apparatus and having access to certified medical professionals 24*7.

In this regard, the Maldives tourism board has also requested the travellers to enter with a COVID-negative certificate obtained at least 14 days before their date of arrival. They also need booking confirmation from a resort that’s accredited by the government with a safe tourism license. Airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad plan to start flying international travellers into the Maldives by July, thus making the plan more feasible. But as of now, Maldives hasn’t hinted on reopening to travellers from Central European countries like France and Spain, whereas Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka are already included in the list.

In order to attract travellers and ensure safety, Maldives resorts and hotels are coming up with innovative and futuristic ways to ensure hassle-free travel—from beach bubbles to isolated glamping. If everything goes as planned, travellers can see more relaxations in the guidelines in the coming days.

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