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Winter in Sweden
Written by Punith Jain on June 3, 2020 Share on

Sweden in November: Explore the Country of Northern Lights and Fashion

Bordering Norway in the west and Finland in the east, Sweden is blessed with lush green landscapes, striking lakes, beautiful forests and majestic mountains. Located in the northern part of Europe, Sweden is a nature-lovers paradise. Visiting Sweden is an experience for a lifetime. Filled with artistic brilliance and natural beauty, Sweden attracts large amounts of tourists from all over the world. Planning a trip to Sweden? Not sure when to travel? We have listed down when we think you should Visit Sweden in November for an unforgettable experience.

Sweden Weather in November 

Sweden in November
Credits: Unsplash

The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, is filled with maple, apple and cherry trees. Lying on the shores of the Baltic Sea, November is one of the coldest months in Sweden and you will experience an average of 3-degree celsius. November is also the last month of the year without everyday frost. You will slowly find the temperature rising to a maximum of 4-degree Celsius and a minimum temperature of 1-degrees Celsius. One of the darkest months of the year, visitors can make full use of the 2 hours sunshine the country receives every day. At distinct places in Sweden, you will also experience a mixture of snowfall and rainfall. 

Best things to do in your November vacation to Sweden 

One of the best destinations in Europe, Stockholm is a very vibrant city that has a lot of exciting things to offer. You will be able to explore museums, enjoy a scenic boat ride and indulge in many interesting activities at this urban paradise. 

Go Skiing at Hammarbybacken Resort

Skiing at Hammarbybacken Resort
Credits: Unsplash

Hammarbybacken is home to a snow park with a number of slopes to snowboard or ski. This makes it one of the most favourite spots for locals and tourists alike during the winter season. You can rent good quality equipment from various outlets around the resort. You will also find a good number of cafes and restaurants to enjoy your evening. This ski resort has slopes that cater to all age groups of difficulty levels. You can enjoy the ski resort while taking in the breathtaking views of the city.

  • Location: Hammarby Fabriksväg 111, 120 66 Stockholm
  • Popular for: Skiing
  • Cost: Approx INR 2,000 per person

Take a Boat Tour in Stockholm

Boat Tour in Stockholm in November
Credits: Unsplash

Sweden is surrounded by 14 islands and has more than 50 bridges. This allows various opportunities for boating experience. There are various tours you can book to enjoy the boat ride in Stockholm, the most popular one is the hop-on-hop-off boat tour. This allows you the flexibility to explore the activity as much as you like.

Tourists who do not have a lot of time in hand can choose to take a boat tour to see some of the famous places like the Royal Palace, the downtown area, Gamla Stan, Vasa Museum in a very effortless way. You can also choose to listen to the audio guide during the journey to understand the historical aspect of these places. The audio guide is available across many languages.

  • Location: Sweden Klara Malarstrand 4, Near Stockholm City Hall
  • Popular for: Boating

Savour Delicacies at the Food Hall 

Sweden in November
Credits: Unsplash

Visit the Ostermalms Saluhall if you are looking for a great place to experience local cuisine. Once you are there, proceed to the indoor market to explore a wide range of meats, treats and beverages. You will find numerous traditional Swedish dishes along with other delicacies like the salads and smoked fish. Most convenient to visit during the winter season, this is also a popular food market with many vendors selling fresh fish, cheeses, coffee, tea and meat. Don’t be surprised if you see falafel, French cheese and even sushi being sold here.

  • Location: Lund Market Hall, Ostermalms Saluhall
  • Popular for: Various cafes and restaurants serving local food

Best Places to Visit in Sweden during your November vacation 

Don’t forget to visit the Christmas markets. The evenings are filled with cheer and lights to make the snowy days feel a lot brighter.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan in Sweden
Credits: Google images

The oldest town in Stockholm is a lot less crowded in the winters when compared to summer. Lined up with lots of restaurants, bars, cafes and souvenir shops, it is very exciting to road leisurely around the narrow streets. Founded in the year 1252, you will find a bit of history in each of its streets. Gamla Stan has numerous churches and museums to offer to keep you occupied throughout the day.

Skansen Open Air Museum

Skansen Open Air Museum
Credits: Pixabay

One of the oldest museums in the world, the Skansen Open Air Museum praises the Scandinavian homes. Not just beautiful houses, you will also find numerous animals that is home to the Scandinavian region. Visitors can learn a lot about the history of Sweden while enjoying the enchanting view over the islands.

You will be engaged with numerous innovate goods, handicrafts and animals. Hot beverages served at the museum during the cold November is very refreshing. We recommend you pre-purchase your tickets online and visit the museum during the weekdays to avoid the long queues during the weekends.


Kiruna in november
Credits: Google images

One of the most enthralling places to visit in Sweden, Kiruna is a very unusual geographical location. A very aesthetically charming city, Kiruna is a must-visit during your vacation to Sweden. An escape from the world, you will find many points to hike, many great restaurants to dine in and lodges to spent the night. Kiruna is home to the highest mountain peak in Sweden. Offering gorgeous views of the Midnight Sun and the Northern lights, Kiruna will surely take you by surprise.  

Filled with urban beauty, delicious food, alluring music, exotic culture and rich heritage, Sweden in November is surely fascinating and beautiful. Make sure you plan your Swedish vacation with our experts at Pickyourtrail to ensure the best guidance for your Scandinavian adventure. You can also explore our crowd favourite Sweden packages to take inspiration from. And oh! Don’t forget to load up your winter wear, you will surely need them, loads of them! Happy travelling Y’all! 

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