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15 Travel Tips For a Flawless Switzerland vacation!
Written by Aditi Kumari on July 27, 2021 Share on

15 Travel Tips For a Flawless Switzerland vacation!

There are many reasons to go to Switzerland. As Switzerland is busting at the creases with alpine lakes, sensational cliff faces mountains, rose-filled glades, enchanting towns, alphorns, and free-wandering dairy cows. This nation has influenced the musings and hearts of sightseers from countries, because of its grand magnificence decorated with lakes and alps. Visiting this nation should be in your rundown, and with these Switzerland travel tips, your caper is going to improve. So, excited about planning a trip to Switzerland? Here you go with these tips.

15 Travel Tips For a Flawless Switzerland vacation!
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15 Key Switzerland Travel Tips for your Smooth Vacay

To ensure that your anticipated occasion in Switzerland ends up being the best excursion of your life, take note of this load of tips before you pack and leave. So, get set swiss!!


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1. Get A Swiss Rail Pass

On the off chance that you plan on broad travel in Switzerland and hitting numerous objections, consider getting a Swiss Rail Pass. Switzerland has a broad train framework and you can go anyplace by means of rail and transport. The Swiss Travel Pass is a seamless ticket giving you complete admittance to Switzerland. You will also get a 50% rebate on most mountain trolleys and railroads. Furthermore, there’s free access to around museums and exhibitions.

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2. Drinking tap water is preferable

Drinking tap water , Switzerland Travel tips
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Switzerland is among the nations that have the cleanest water on the planet. You can essentially drink it from a tap, except if there’s a sign referencing the water isn’t perfect (in the event of reuse). Thus, you can carry an empty container without wasting a penny every time.

3. Local people communicate in more than one language

French, German, Romansh, and Italian are among the most-communicated dialects here. While English is likewise generally spoken, you should get familiar with a couple of expressions in these dialects. Basically become familiar with a smidgen of Swiss-German or download an interpreter on your phone.

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4. Monitor the closing time of Shops

Rest is a thing here, very much like numerous European nations. This implies numerous shops close for quite a while during the evening, as shop owners enjoy a snooze or simply relax. The shops close genuinely early in the evening. Additionally, on Sundays and Mondays, such a large number of shops stay closed.

5.Try not to get deluded by the sensitive excellence of the lakes

Switzerland sparkles with its satisfying scene embellished with lakes, with lovable swans swimming around. But if you bug these serene animals, you should remember they can break your bones with their wings. Along these lines, enjoy their magnificence from a good distance and don’t underestimate them.

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6. Don’t Expect Easy Friendships

In case you will likely make a lot of Swiss companions while going to Switzerland you will probably need to work harder than expected. We discovered the Swiss to be exceptionally reserved individuals, monitored, and never veering out of their way to make casual chitchats. That doesn’t mean that the Swiss are unfriendly, they just may not open their homes to you like say… the Greeks or Scots.

7. Try not to depend on open transportation

The vast majority of the public transports stops servicing post 12 PM. Ensure you sort out how you’ll go back to the lodging. It’s always a good thought to realize how you’d drive well ahead of time before you begin celebrating or drinking. It is among one of the most essential Switzerland travel tips.

8. Purchase the Swiss chocolates from nearby chocolatiers

Switzerland is renowned for its sweet luxuries and you just can’t return without purchasing a couple of boxes. Also, however, the chocolates at the branded stores have amazing packaging, lean toward purchasing from the ones sold at the nearby chocolatiers as they are undoubtedly delicious in taste, and should save you a couple of bucks too.

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9. Take a FREE bike!

Indeed, you read that right! There are places in urban communities like Neuchâtel, Geneva, Zurich, and Bern where you can get a bicycle for hire, without paying anything. You should simply bring 20 CHF as a store and an ID card for confirmation.

10. Eat vegetarian at grocery stores

Indeed, you read that right! There are places in urban communities like Neuchâtel, Geneva, Zurich, and Bern where you can get a bicycle for hire, without paying anything. You should simply bring 20 CHF as a store and an ID card for confirmation.

Eat Vegetarian from Grocery Stores
Image Credits: Unsplash

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11. Switzerland Is Not Part Of The EU

Switzerland isn’t a part of the European Union, implying that not at all like their neighbours they don’t utilize the Euro note. The Swiss Franc is quite possibly the most steady monetary form in the world. It is the national currency of Switzerland.

12. Hiking Is Free!

While Switzerland is known for being costly, it’s also known for being perfect. Voyagers are welcomed with alpine lakes, blossom-filled meadows, and much more. No matter the season Switzerland is an outside lover’s fantasy. Nature is free! So you basically don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy Switzerland’s pristine scenes.

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13. Don’t miss trying Fondue!

You might have had a type of fondue previously, however, have you had it in Switzerland? Fondue starts from the landlocked nation and became mainstream after the Swiss Cheese Union forcefully advanced it as a showcasing methodology in the 1930s. Presently, it’s become a normal spot as a collective undertaking all through Switzerland with families and companions plunking down to the supper table to appreciate – particularly when it’s cold out.

14. Take care on High Altitudes

Since Switzerland is blessed with the alps and there are in fact various ways to arrive at a high altitude locale in few minutes, it is advisable to keep yourself hydrated and take enough breaks while hiking.


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15. You’ll need a Universal Travel adaptor

You will require a Univeral adapter to charge your hardware in Switzerland. The majority of mainland Europe utilizes the Schuko plug, otherwise called type F. While Switzerland utilizes the Type J outlets, and those are somewhat more modest. In case you’re going around Europe, feel free to get a Universal travel connector. Most Universal connectors fit with the Europlug, which works in Switzerland.

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Instant Switzerland Travel Tips

  • Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in Swiss German:”Hallo” and “Danke”.
  • Currency: Swiss Franc
  • What to Pack: Relies totally upon the season and what you are doing. Mountain and hiking garments are consistently a smart thought in the late spring, while you will require your cold climate gear in the colder time of year. Remember the ski gear in the event that you plan on going skiing in the great Swiss Alps!

Fantastic! Since you know everything with these Switzerland tips, you can go on your own experience. Pick the best Switzerland tour package from and customize your Switzerland itinerary according to yours. For more assistance, drop us a Whatsapp message and our travel specialists will connect with you. Open up the world with Pickyourtrail!

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