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Coast of Mauritius
Written by Lubna H on May 21, 2020 Share on

Unwind in Tamarin in Mauritius: Things to do and explore in 2021

Tropical heaven of white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters of surfing dolphins, surreal sceneries of dense forests with blue skies and a whole lot of luxury in world-famous resorts, sounds like paradise yet? Fits your idea of vacationing? Then think no further than Mauritius. A small part of this paradise is Tamarin, a charming village along the western coast. Better known for its exquisite sunset views over the Tamarin Bay and laid back charm of friendly locals it was once called “Santosha Bay”. Come here for a calm vibe with just a handful of travellers. There is more than just one reason on why you should visit Tamarin in Mauritius, read more to find a list of things to do in Tamarin to make your Mauritius trip worthwhile. 

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Weather in Mauritius:

January – March is hotter months, but they are bearable as the temperatures are usually around 24 °C, these are also the peak seasons to visit. Due to its tropical climate, Mauritius always is in a humid state and prepare well for occasional showers. We suggest keeping a close watch on the weather forecast before you plan a trip down to this wonderland.

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Top things to do in Tamarin in Mauritius:

Swim with Dolphins in Tamarin:

Watch a pod of these friendly creatures toss, turn and surf around in the waters of Tamarin. You can pre-book the tour with the local tour operators and also opt to go swimming with the dolphins for an exclusive experience. 

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Le Morne Brabant:

Famed as the UNESCO World Heritage site, Le Morne (ragged mountain) is jaw-droppingly beautiful as it sits peacefully in the deep blue waters of Indian Ocean. It is quite popular among tourists for its water sports activities. 

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Flic en Flac:

With dutch origins, Flic en Flac is the proud owner of the title “Longest white sand beach”. Tourists flock here for varieties of water activities like snorkelling, parasailing, jet skiing and kids favourite, paddle boating. 

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Casacavelle Shopping Village:

Indulge at shopping at one of the biggest shopping malls on the west side of Mauritius, Casacavelle. Here you can find all small to big luxury brands and is a must when visiting Flic en Flac. This can also be a wonderful place for some souvenir shopping.

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Tamarin Beach:

Hold hand in hand and spend a blissful evening with your loved one or plan for a picnic with your family with views of the bay. Surrounded by peaceful waters and good local food stalls, Tamarin beach is the go-to place for beach bums.

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Surfers Paradise:

Tamarin is a sought-out destination when it comes to Surfing. It garners interest from Surfers far and wide. This is a great place for beginners to get familiar with surfing.

Be it solo travellers, honeymoon couples or families on their yearly break, Mauritius seems to do its trick on all kinds of travellers looking for an escape. Get packing and start booking your customized Mauritius Tour Packages with the experts at Pickyourtrail. We’ll ensure you will remember you will have the trip of your life!

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