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Tbilisi’s Stunning Street Art
Written by Nigilesh on July 29, 2020 Share on

Tbilisi’s Stunning Street Art

The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi in the Eurasian border has its streets and walls completely bamboozled with street arts and Murals all over it. The place has gained some massive visitors in the last decade due to this. The street art is a modern art form which is widely spread across the globe and Georgia is one of the major players in this kind of art. Let’s take a look at the list of places where you can find Tbilisi’s Stunning Street Art.

Tbilisi's Stunning Street Art
Source: Google Images

This art is could be a reflection of historical events or real-life events of real significance. This culture has got its origin from the suburban places where the population of youths are largely found. People started expressing their creativity through this. Lately, the government has also seemed to have shown some interest in this kind of art.

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Top places to look out for Tbilisi’s Stunning Street Art

  • Fabrika
  • Baratashvili Bridge Underpass graffiti
  • Arts on the Nutsubidze/ Saburtalo districts
  • Heroes Square underpass

1. Fabrika

Fabrika is easily the first place that comes to the mind when I say street art in Georgia. That is because of uniqueness. Most people know this place as a hostel, but what’s more, there is a working space and a studio and a few shops as well. So you can actually go there to spend time rather than just looking at the art. The Mural depicted on the wall is a sewing factory back in the soviet union times.

2. Baratashvili Bridge Underpass graffiti

One of the most famous attractions in Tbilisi is the Puppet museum, which has the collection of puppets of famous people who lived in the city. This famous mural is just outside this famous attraction. The Mural on these walls is one of the most creative and intriguing pieces of art that you can find on the streets Tbilisi. Even the pillars in this underground passage are covered with this kind of murals.

3. Arts on the Nutsubidze/ Saburtalo districts

One of the popular attractions in the city is the massive multi-story residential building. The building has two sections and both the sections are connected on top by a bridge-like structure with which you can move from one to the other section. The art on the walls of this building is also a notable one in this palace.

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4. Heroes Square underpass

Heroes Square underpass
Source: Google Images

The heroes square is located towards the east of the Tbilisi Zoo. It is a massive roundabout which has several underpasses. The complete underpass system is painted with lots of Murals. The underpasses were not as good as they are now. The initiative to make this underpass more welcoming for people to use took place in 2017. And most of the murals in the underpass were painted after that renovation. This is one of the places where you can find authentic modern graffiti art in Tbilisi.

Visiting Tbilisi’s Stunning Street Art is one of the best things to do in Tbilisi for free. These aren’t the only places where you can find this sort of art in Tsibili, but the reason to mention these four is to make sure people have some nearby attractions to visit as well. Obviously, the vacation plan won’t be efficient enough if you are travelling only for this Modern piece of Art.

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