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Thailand in April
Written by Sowmya C on June 18, 2021 Share on

Thailand in April explained – all that we need to know!

Thailand is one of the top 5 most visited tourist destinations in the world. Popularly referred to as the Land smiles, the land, the weather, the culture, the people and the food never fail to make those cheekbones hurt. But nature is not always in our favour. From November to early April it is all light and breezy quite literally. And a little warm 🙂 Most people think about exploring the places which literally means land of the free in these months. But, it takes a truly curious spirit to want to get a taste of Thailand outside these months. If you are one of those guys, you have found the right blog for your soul, my friend! Here are a few things that can help you out all through the month of April.


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Weather in Thailand in April

April is when the Thailand temperatures start to rise a little. The weather can be anywhere between 35°C and 40°C in the top-visited cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. April is even considered the hottest month of the year. It is also considered the onset month of the monsoon season in the Kingdom of Thailand. The effect of this is observed in places like Phuket and the neighbouring cities on the Andaman coast. The positive here is that the clouds clear out fast and expect to have at least 6 hours of sunshine, unlike other countries during their monsoon season. You also might have to keep a lookout for smoke and fog. This is the result of the sugar fields burnt by farmers. Everywhere north to Kra Isthmus might get foggy and hazy.

Thailand in April
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Should I consider Thailand travel in April?

After reading the last paragraph, I am sure you are thinking what is the point of this blog given that Nature doesn’t exactly pitch in and help out in this regard? Yes, that is true and there is no denying the simple plain truth. As they say, every argument has two sides. I can give you two reasons that might just make you think it is worth the effort to consider Siam for your next vacation during the 4th month of the year. First, Thailand celebrates a bunch of exciting festivals of major cultural importance that you need to be a part of at least once in your life! Second, the place is not as crowded as it is during the rest of the in-season months. So, read on if you want to make the best out of your April vacation to Thailand


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Places to Visit in Thailand in April

The must visit to explore in Thailand in April are Bangkok, Phuket, Kho Phi Phi, and Koh Phangan. In Bangkok you are up for a smooth ride since every other place you visit is bound to be air-conditioned. When it comes to Phuket you might have to be. little more careful. Be wise and choose the days with the possible temperature to explore the beaches, forests and mountains. You can also visit man-made giants like the museums and the theme parks as well with your family. Kho Phi Phi is the fanciest city you can find because of its Hollywood fame. Beat the heat with a calm and peaceful stay here. Koh Phangan is the place to be for a full moon party. You sure haven’t seen it all if you have not been to one of these parties! 🙂

Thailand in April
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Festivals in Thailand in April

April is the month of the most sought festival in Thailand. The Songkran Festival is celebrated between April 13th and 15th of every year. It is how the Thais like to welcome their new year in a traditional way. Water was sprinkled as an ancient tradition to purify everything around for the new year. Over the years, the tradition evolved and people everywhere where people drink and dance during the festival. They also play fun games with water and look forward to the water fight. During this time, folks of all ages set up stand outside their houses and load their gun with water as their ammo. Alternatively, they even rent trucks and spray water on each other, spreading joy and happiness. Thus, this festival popularly referred to as the water festival. It attracts people from all over the world. It is widely celebrated in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Pattaya.

Fun things to do in Thailand in April!

Everything about Thailand is fun. But there are a few activities you definitely shouldn’t miss out on during your April visit to Siam. In Bangkok, you might just drop by a bar and participate in the Water Festival activities. On the other days, be sure to visit the museums, the temple of the reclining Budhha. Remember to carry a bunch of loose clothes, comfy slippers and a few masks for protection against the smog from sugarcane fields.

For the love of Thailand


So, that is everything you need to know about Thailand in the month of April! Ready to explore Thailand on your next vacation? Then, go ahead and explore PickYourTrail! We are India’s leading customizable travel company that gives travellers the freedom to customize their itineraries based on their budgets, requirements, and interests completely online. Go ahead and check out one for yourself. Happy Thailand vacation to you! 😀

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