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Written by Khusboo Mehta on September 24, 2017 Share on

The Top 10 Most Popular Wonders of India in 2020

Most people refer to India as the land of wonders. There is a good reason to this because India has some of the most amazing wonders in the world. The region has so many unsolved and mysterious places that make up the wonders of India.

Some of the incredible wonders in India include Drang Drung Glacier, Jwalaji temple, Manikaran hot springs, and Amarnath Temple. The other amazing wonders of the land and the Barren Island, Magnet Hill Ladakh, Columnar Basaltic Lava, and Coral Reefs Lakshadweep. 

All these features make India to be one of the most amazing places to visit during your next vacation. We have so many people who tour this place in a yearly basis. Let us analyze some of the top wonders in India that make it a perfect tourist destination for you and me. You will discover that it is one of the best tourist destinations when traveling in India

  1. Borra Guhalu

The name of the Borra caves is Borra Guhalu. This attraction center is located in the famous Ananthagiri hills of Araku valley on India’s Eastern Coast. It is one of the wonders of India that reports the highest number of visitors every year. 

These are the deepest caves that you can find in India. It is a beautiful house for insects, fulvous fruit bat, golden gecko, and bats. Therefore, there is so much that you can see by choosing to visit Borra Guhalu. You can be sure that you will enjoy your holiday when you choose Borra Guhalu as your perfect tourist destination. 

2. Living Root Bridge 

The other name for the Root Bridges of Cherrapunji is Double Decker Living Root Bridge. These bridges are designed from the roots of the Ficus elastic tree.  It is located in the state of Meghalaya Indian state. 

The Living Root Bridge is one of the most amazing wonders of India. You will be shocked at how nature does its things at some time. As the name goes, it is a real root that forms a bridge. You will have a memorable experience as you walk over. Make sure you don’t miss over this place when you choose to visit India. 

3. Lonar Crater Lake 

This crater is the third largest in the world and has a radius of two kilometers. The crater is also close to 100 meters deep. It is located close to Mehkar in the great building of Maharashtra. It is one of the wonders in India that you should not miss out when visiting India. 

According to history, the Crater Lake is the oldest meteoric crater in the world. It is also the only one that is formed from the basalt rock. This is reason enough to motivate you to visit the Lonar Crate Lake. You will really love the experience that you will get in this place. 

4. Sundarbans mangroves 

We cannot leave out the mangrove forest from our list of the most popular wonders in India. It is the largest forest of this kind in the world. It is also among the largest natural reserves for the Bengal tiger. It is a place that you will really love when you choose to visit India. 

Sundarbans mangroves and Sundarbans freshwater swamp provide a unique ecosystem and a very rich wildlife habitat. Who will not want to experience such when visiting India? It forms an amazing view that attracts so many tourists every year.

5. Marble Rocks

The marble Rocks is located near Jabalpur MP India and are a gorge or Canyon on the famous Narmada River. You can have a great view of these rocks by taking a boat ride. There are so many people who come to view these rocks every year. 

It creates a beautiful gorge of close to three kilometers in length. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in India. You may live in regrets if you visit India and fail to get to the marble rocks. 

6. Majuli Islands 

The incredible Majuli Island is reported as the biggest river island all over the world. Who will want to miss out on such an opportunity when touring India? It is strategically situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra in Assam. 

Majuli is a famous is a famous hotspot for the flora and fauna. It is a home to so many endangered and rare avifauna species. These are among the most beautiful sites in India. The view that you get is what makes Majuli islands to be one of the most popular wonders in India. You will also come across so many people who are boat riding on this island and you can also enjoy a ride. 

7. Dudhsagar Falls

You cannot talk about the wonders in India and leave out the Dudhsagar falls. Monsoon brings the magnificent Dudhsagar waterfall or Sea of Milk from the high peaks of the Western Ghats. The view is just incredible and you should not miss the opportunity when in India. 

This waterfall is listed among the top ten highest water falls in India. Dudhsagar falls is also among the most beautiful falls in the world. 

8. Floating Lake

The Loktak Lake of Manipur is the only floating lake in the whole world. It is also the largest fresh water lake on North-Eastern India and the only home to the endangered brow-antlered deer or Sangai. This tells you that it is one of the true wonders of India.

To add on this, Loktak Lake presents a rich biodiversity with a habitat for 57 water birds species. The lake also has 14 species of the wetland associated birds. Who will not enjoy watching such beauty of the world? 

9. Wildlife Corridor 

The Mudumalai Sanctuary is a meeting point for the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats. It is situated at the Tamil Nadu tri-junction. It is in Karnataka and Kerala on the North East Slopes of the Nilgiris hills. Make sure you take time to visit the wildlife corridor when touring India. 

10. Valley Flowers

The valley flowers of Uttarakhand is renowned for the beautiful meadows of the endemic alpine flowers. It has a broad range of stunning and flora landscape. The valley flowers national Park also houses the endangered and rare birds and animals. You will love these beautiful views of the flower valley as you tour India. 

There are so many wonders in India that you can view when touring this region. Get to know where these places are located and visit them when touring India. You don’t want to miss a single opportunity to enjoy when traveling in India