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The Best Places to Visit in Ukraine

The beauty and flavor of this country can surprise even those tourists who think that they have already seen everything. Ukraine is famous for its architectural, historical, and natural attractions, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the seaside resort.

That’s why when deciding on the choice of a route, there is a difficulty. Where to go in Ukraine when each region of this country has its unique characteristics and beautiful places. Don’t believe it? Below you will find only some of the attractions from different parts of the country, and you will have no doubt anymore.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Ukraine

So what places to visit in Ukraine? Many do not even know about the potential of Ukraine in the context of beautiful places. But this country has so many must-visit attractions that they will surprise even the most inveterate tourists. And don’t forget about travel insurance to Ukraine in order to make your trip safe due to the global pandemic. This will allow you to safely visit all the places you want.

Mount Hoverla

It is no secret that many beautiful places in Ukraine are located in the Carpathians. Mount Hoverla is one of them, which is one of the favorite places among fans of active travel. It is the highest mountain in Ukraine and is a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the climb. 

Those who accept the challenge and climb the mountain will receive a reward in the form of a stunning view of the surroundings and the neighboring mountains. Often whole groups gather and go on a hike. Therefore, if you want to enjoy an active lifestyle, breathe in the stunning air and nature, then this is what you need.

Synevyr Lake

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This lake is considered a real gem of the Carpathians and is the most unusual and picturesque place in western Ukraine. It is located almost thousands of meters above sea level, and the area is 4-5 hectares. The maximum depth of the lake is 22 meters. What is the uniqueness of this lake? This is one of the mystical places in Ukraine which is also surrounded by a beautiful legend of love.

According to legend, the daughter of the earl with delightful eyes of the sky color fell in love with a shepherd, and when her father found out about his daughter’s love, he ordered to kill the shepherd. The girl cried in the place of death of her beloved, and so a lake with clear and blue water was formed.

There is a national nature park around the lake, where you can admire the picturesque views. The energy of this place is truly breathtaking and will remain in your memory forever.

Tunnel of Love in KlevanTown

Tunnel of Love is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Ukraine. It attracts the attention of romantics and newlyweds. People say that couples in love can make a wish that will come true if their love is pure and mutual.

This tunnel is formed by a forest that stretches for about a kilometer. The length of the railway is 3 km, and it connects the village and the woodworking enterprise.

This place is open to tourists and is chosen for stunning photoshoots. The tunnel is located on the railway between Klevan and Orzhev, Rivne region.

Askania Nova

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This biosphere reserve is located in the Kherson region. There is no need to talk for a long time about what is so unique here, it is recommended to make sure of this personally and see everything with your own eyes. 

Here visitors will find several thousand plants and animals that are considered rare and endangered. Not far from the reserve is the Sea of ​​Azov so you can enjoy both the sea and this unique green area.

Radomysl Castle

This castle is one of the unique and historical cultural sites of Ukraine. This castle is located just 100 kilometers from Kyiv. Here you can see authentic interiors of the 17-18 centuries, enjoy the beauty and power of nature, see the first paper factory, and also unique art objects. For example, here you can look at the world’s only collection of home icons, which has more than 5000 exhibits.

This castle is located in the city of the same name Radomysl.


This small but incredibly beautiful city in Ukraine is located in the Chernivtsi region. There are several legends according to which the city got its name. By the way, until today it has not been found out which of the legends and suggestions has the most historical truth. But one thing is certain, this city has been picturesque and rich since the first century of its existence. 

Among the attractions of this city are both historical and cultural sights. If you are looking for something unusual plus the ability to travel through the centuries, then this city is ready to provide you with such an opportunity.

Khortytsia Island

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The island of Khortitsa is undoubtedly one of the top beautiful places. This is the largest island in the country which is located within the city of Zaporizhzhia. Due to its natural location, Khortytsia has been a natural fortification for many centuries. 

There are many ancient monuments and historical sights here. The Zaporozhian Sich was formed on this island in the 16th century. At the beginning of the second half of the last century, the National Historical and Cultural Reserve was opened on the island.

Theatre performances for tourists are often held here, thanks to which you can learn a little more about the Cossacks and enjoy an amazing performance. Usually, such performances are held in spring and summer.

Wrapping Up

Ukraine is ready to surprise its guests and, as you can see, this country has a lot to offer its foreign guests. This is not the whole list of the most amazing places in the country, but these sights are undoubtedly worth your attention. Each of them will give you unforgettable emotions and travel experiences.

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