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City Walk, Dubai
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Dubai City Walk: the city inside the city!

The tallest building in the world stands in all its grandeur in this vibrant city. The world’s first seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab emerges beautifully from the shoreline of Jumeirah Beach. This city is in the running to become one of the world-class cities. Fondly called the “City of Gold”, the City of Dubai has earned a great name for itself in the last few years. An emerging economic hub, it is home to more migrants than natives. With a plethora of experiences offered in this city from desert safaris to adrenaline-filled water sports, the city offers it all to you on a silver platter.

What if you were told that this city houses another city within its four walls? Sounds unreal right? Well, read on to find out what this place is about.

City Walk, Dubai is another world in itself and you will be blown away if you knew what it holds! The murals on the walls of the various complexes are sure to captivate you as you traverse through the City Walk. With an open-air space lined with boulevards on one side of the walkway, Complexes are lined up on the other. The complexes don’t necessarily mean what we find in the usual shopping malls. They range from amusement rides for kids or shops designer wear for adults to cafes and restaurants and gaming consoles.

Murals on the City walk wall
Image source: Google Images

What to expect?

Interior shops at the Dubai City Walk
Image source: Google Images

Being a mini-city by itself, the City walk has chains of luxury hotels that offer accommodation and eateries recommended by food critiques. Of course, apart from having the cinema halls and the shopping complexes, some of the other unmissable attractions at the City Walk include the Hub Zero, the Green Planet, the Mattel Play Town among others to cater to the tastes of all age groups. Read on to find out more about what the City Walk has to offer for you.

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Hub Zero

Travelling with kids who sit on gaming consoles all through the day? Well, guess what! The City Walk has just the place for them. Hub Zero is an indoor gaming unit that has a virtual climbing experience and Karaoke which will keep you up on your toes all through your time spent there. There are virtual arenas where you can fight against zombies or the “attackers.” Even if you aren’t someone who likes to do this but your kids insist that they would love to spend time here, fret not. You can always take a stroll around the open air space and go shopping which you might have otherwise not had the time to do with kids around.

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Green Planet

The Green Planet is a whole new level of design created at the Dubai City Walk. With over thousands of exotic varieties of flora and fauna that are housed at the Green Planet, it is the ideal place to unwind. A leisurely stroll leading up to the World’s largest man-made Indoor tree is sure to leave you in awe of how beautiful the entire place is and how much we have been ignoring our own ecosystem.

Green Planet, Dubai City Walk
Image source: Google Images

Mattel Play Town

Wondering what you could do at the City Walk if you have really young kids? Well, you have your answer to the Mattel Play Town. Barney and Friends, Bob the Builder, and Thomas the Tank Engine is sure to keep your kids busy for a long time. Watch with glee as your kids have fun and learn life values from these iconic cartoon characters whilst playing with them at the Mattel Play Town.

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How to reach the City Walk

The City Walk, Dubai is situated in one of the most prominent places, the Jumeirah. Access to this place is available from all parts of the city via the metro or even by the public bus.

The metro station where you will have to get off at is the Burj Khalifa point and a 2-minute walk takes you to the City Walk of Dubai. There are various bus routes that go to this stop and you don’t have to worry about losing your way at any point because this is one of the most central locations in Dubai.

The timings for the City Walk are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and it’s open all through the week. On weekends, the City Walk is open for a longer time until midnight. As far as the entry fee for the mall is concerned, there is no fee as such but to take up the various activities, you will have to pay at the activity centers on the spot and take it up.

Exterior view of the City Walk
Image source: Google Images

This experience of the City Walk is definitely something to boast about once you’re back from your vacation. Visiting a whole new city within another vibrant city is pretty engaging for the abundance of activities and places it has to visit. Making sure there is always something to do for the young and old alike is sheer intelligence that has been put into the creation of the City Walk. So come one, come all, visit Dubai’s City Walk!

Reasons outnumbered for you add the City Walk as part of your itinerary. Speaking of itineraries, have you planned your Dubai tour yet? If not, don’t worry, we at Pickyourtrail cannot wait to craft the best possible vacation for you.

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