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The Curious Corner in Chamarel – Into the world of Illusions

The heavenly beauty and the incredible life makes Mauritius the best holiday spot. Located to the east of Madagascar, it is truly one of the most visited tropical countries in the world.  Thanks to its excellent beaches and crystal clear waters. Mauritius as a country has a lot of amazing experiences to offer for its tourist. One such place is the Curious Corner in Chamarel. 

Chamarel is a small village famous for its waterfall and 7 coloured earth.  The waterfall can be viewed from the upper and lower viewpoints in the Black River National Park and also from the upper viewpoint in the Chamarel coloured earth. You can also go down on a trail to the 100 feet pool and swim at the bottom of the falls.

Water fall near curious corner
Source: Google Images

At the Chamarel Coloured Earth, you will find colourful sand dunes of reddish-black, cyan and purple colour. These sand dunes are coloured as a result of the lava cooling at varying temperatures. 

Coloured Earth opposite to curious corner
Source: Google Images

Your trip to Mauritius will be incomplete without these sites.

If there’s another tourist attraction that provides a jaw-dropping experience at Chamarel, it’s the Curious Corner. Keep reading to know more about the Curious Corner in Chamarel.

About Curious Corner

Located just opposite to the 7 coloured earth, the Curious corner in Chamarel is the first illusion house in Mauritius. Its is a house of interactive illusions and mystery that will awaken your curious minds. Make sure that you carry your camera when visiting the curious corner. This one of the best places for some fun and crazy photographs. You do not have anyone to click a picture of yourself? Don’t worry, the staffs here are very friendly and so you can ask them to click a picture for you. They are sure to help you with a big smile.

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More Details

Address: Baie du cap RD Chamarel Black River, Mauritius
(Open in Google maps)
Phone: +2304834200
Open: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Last Entry: 4:15 pm
Duration: 2 hours

If you are travelling with children, then this is one of the must-visit places in Mauritius. It has about 40 exhibits and is sure to surprise you in every way.

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Main Attractions

Some of the main attraction found here are; 

  1. Mirror Maze
  2. The Ames Room
  3. The Upside Down Room
  4. The Laser Music Room:

Mirror Maze

Find your way out of maze built with 200 mazes. The infinite reflections you see as you enter will blow your mind. It is truly a treat to your eyes!

The Ames Room

Find yourself bigger or smaller than your partner. An amazing room of illusion where one person looks tiny and the other looks gigantic.

The Upside Down

Imagine yourself, running sitting or sleeping on the roof of your room facing the floor. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? But anything is possible here. Get a chance to live in the upside-down world. Do click a picture and surprise your friends.

The Lase Music Room

Touch the colourful laser lights to create your own music. You will be surprised to hear the wonderful music you had created on your own. 

Not just these, Mauritius as a destination has many more wonderful experiences to offer. Don’t forget to check out to know more about places to visit in Mauritius. Let’s get started! Plan your very own trip with Pickyourtrail and check out the various Mauritius Honeymoon Packages and Mauritius Tour Packages available from India.

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