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Written by Akshaya Manoharan on July 27, 2023 Share on

The exquisite beauty of Jodhpur: Blue City of India

Jodhpur, otherwise known as the Blue City of India, has enthralling molds of box houses, glazed in the color blue, that stand as a self-definition to the beauty that it beholds. The historically prominent city has a wave of blue-painted box houses that have quite a few folklores associated with them. 

Apart from that, it is believed that these houses were specially painted for the Brahmins in this blue city. This was introduced to distinguish the Brahmin household from the rest of the city. Nevertheless, over the years, everyone from the city lodged in these houses or painted their houses blue. While this is one perspective, the rest of the city believed that these cubic houses were painted blue to reduce the heat that was induced by the striking sun. The city is near the desert, exposing it to harsh summers. Besides this aspect, people also claim that the paint acts as an insect repellent. 

Whether or not the reason is clear, strolling through the streets of Jodhpur while admiring the art that it personifies is a serene experience. With its unbeatable view and rich history, Jodhpur stands as one of the best representations of Indian culture.

The magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, one of India’s most impressive forts, is located in this blue city of India, Jodhpur. It provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city and houses a museum with a diverse collection of artifacts.

The doors of these houses are always open as a symbol of warmth. If you have not yet visited Jodhpur, we suggest you plan your next trip to the blue city of India. 

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“In shades of sapphire, dreams ascend Jodhpur’s blue cityscape”.

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