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Malaysia Peace Hand Nation
Written by Rahul on May 13, 2020 Share on

The Flag of Malaysia – The Broad Bottom stride of the world

The Country in Southeast Asia consists of 14 states and 3 federal territories. The country has a population of 30 million which makes it the world’s 4th most populous country. Yes, it is none other than Malaysia. Yes, even if you have by fault entered into this article, You are in for some learning. So brace yourself for some learning about the country Malaysia. This multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country has half the population filled with the Malay’s. The other filled up with large minorities like the Chinese, Indians and other indigenous peoples. Here we are going to actually know what the flag of Malaysia signifies to the country and the world. Again here your learning and understanding about the Malaysian flag will immensely grow. This helps you seem much smarter around your conversations with your friends.

The Malaysia flag
The Malaysian Flag | P.C -Google Images

The Flag Of Malaysia

If you have a close look at the Malaysian flag, you will find it pretty straight forward and simple. But in that, there is a lot of hidden meaning and what it actually stands for. Each and every flag will be having its own story to say. Every flag has its own ideology behind every design given to the flag. So what does this actually signify? What are the 14 strides in the Flag? Well, that is why I am presenting you this article.


The Flag has, if you had closely watched, contains the 14 strides with the changing colour of red and white. There at the upper left corner, in the dark blue rectangle, there is a crescent moon and a star. This flag is often known as or referred to as the Jalur Gemilang which means the stripes of gory. Now we will be looking at What each symbol in the flag stands for and how it on a whole Symbolizes Malaysia.

The Malaysia flag
The Malaysia flag | P.C – Wallpaper Flare

1. The 14 Strides

These 14 strides are of equal with the two primary colours of red and blue. This signifies the equality and the equal status of the 13 Federal states of Malaysia and the federal government. The strides from 11 increased to 14 as each stride should represent the states.

2. The Blue Rectangle

The Blue rectangle, that is there in the upper left corner of the fly represents Unity. To be even more specific, The colour blue represents the unity and this blue rectangle here represents the unity of the people. There is also some information regarding the dark blue coloured that also represents their connection with the Commonwealth.

3. The Crescent Moon

We can find the crescent moon and the star on the upper left corner on the dark blue rectangle. Out of this, the Crescent moon represents the official religion of the country Islam.

4. The Star

The star on the upper left corner has the flag represents unity. The Star has 14 points in the symbol which actually represents the 13 states and the federal government which comes from one core which the unity among them.

5. The Colour Yellow

The colour yellow that if found in the stars and the crescent actually represents the Royalty. This yellow colour is actually the royal colour of the rulers. That is why the stars and the crescent is highlighted in the colour yellow.

Malaysian Flag
The Symbols of the Malaysian flag | P.C – Google Images

I hope this has given you all the information that you need to know on the Malaysian flag. No, you can have help up the head a conversation with your friends and actually know something and talk. I hope this gives you that required information. Planning for a trip to Malaysia for hands-on experience, Pickyourtrail gives you customizable holiday packages. Our travel experts will help you with creating the best family holiday packages to Malaysia with minimal of their influence.

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