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The lone wanderer on a Euro trail

Rohith Subramanian is a ‘modern day Magellan on a voyage of discovery’. While Magellan loved his ship, Rohith is in love with his machine, the Royal Enfield. Who is Magellan, you may ask. Ferdinando Magellan was the first to sail around the globe. You guessed it. Rohith is going to do just that, only he plans to go around on his bike. This is the story of the Lone Wanderer on a Euro trail.

The Lone Wanderer as he calls himself has set out on his ’25 million metre ride’, a journey of life and time. He started out by riding across 30+ states in India for more than 150 days. Now, Rohith is set to explore Europe on a 150 day journey. While India was very much within his control, Rohith felt the need for some help when it came to a vast continent such as Europe.

Enter, Pickyourtrail!

Fun and complex: Crafting Rohith’s 150 day, Euro trail

Crafting exclusive itineraries that bear the stamp of an individual comes easy to us. In the case of Rohith, we found that he wanted to explore five stories across the continent in as many countries as possible: People, Adventure, Nature, Cuisine and history. We hit upon an Europe itinerary across 10 countries that would give him ample space to explore these five elements. A very unique itinerary, and possibly one that was most complex, considering getting a Schengen visa for more than a month was not an easy task. Not to forget, the various permutations of routing that we explored before settling down on the 10-country plan.

Here is Rohith’s Itinerary:


Spain, Barcelona
Spain, Barcelona

Think Spain, think the Tomatina festival? Well that is one of the many things on Rohith’s mind too. He wants to explore the melting pot of cultures that Spain is. We look forward to his stories on vibrant, friendly people and the traditions behind the many festivities that have become part of every traveller’s bucket list. Spain is also where the Game of Thrones, Season 7 was shot and Rohith, being a keen GOT fan, doesn’t want to miss out on some selfies here. Of course food not far behind on the list of must-do’s and Rohith isn’t going to miss much we hope!



#CantSkipUs is the hashtag of Portugal tourism. Possibly one reason that Rohith wouldn’t want to skip No. 2 on his list. There are more reasons he gave us for including Portugal in his itinerary. One another being that Portugal has the best waves in the whole of Europe, so surfing is on Rohith’s list. Talking of Portugal, we did mention to Rohith that Port wine, a drink that is native to Portugal, is something that he should try. Say cheers while he moves on from here to his next destination – France.



France is big on Rohith’s list for two reasons – Food and Biking. Oh yes, you should follow us to get more pics of Coq au vin (chicken braised in red wine, for the benefit of the ignorant), Cheese platters and generally a whole lot of drool worthy food. France is also where Rohith is looking forward to discover nature at its best amidst quiet villages and of course take in some history as well.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Netherlands and windmills. The picture has been in Rohith’s mind for quite a few years, ever since he added Netherlands to his bucket list. The historic village of Zaanse Schans with its many windmills has been preserved to give people a peek into the Netherlands of the 18th century. The windmills have been where people lived for a century or more and are now a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Bavaria, Germany

For a history buff, Germany is a must visit for the glimpses of the World War II that it offers. With more than 10 spots that have still been preserved for visitors. On Rohith’s list might be the Führerbunker, where Hitler was sheltered from air-raids and finally lived till he committed suicide. Too bad that Rohith might not be in time for the October Fest, he will make up for it we hope!



Medieval Krakow and bustling Warsaw are on Rohith’s hit list. The Tatra mountains are however bigger on that list, for Rohith plans to hike on them. He will find a sharp contrast between the grand medieval castles of Krakow and the simple, yet elegant wooden structures as he goes more towards the Tatra mountains. Holocaust memorials, Jewish history and more are waiting to be explored by Rohith.

Czech Republic 

Czech republic

The Czech Republic is a lot of things rolled into one. On Rohith’s list are castles, cathedrals, colourful towns, museums, bridges and more. Oh yes, the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, home to one of the world’s best beers is a place where Rohith is sure to head to!


Austria is beautiful. Austria is skiing. Austria is imperial. Austria is ‘Sound of Music’. Austria is Mozart. Don’t think Rohith needs more reasons to visit Austria! On his must-do is also a little town called Hallstat, a small fairy-tale village that is still yet to be discovered by the world at large.


Switzerland to many is the Alps and chocolate factories. For Rohith too, Switzerland is chocolates! He will be visiting a chocolate factory to see firsthand how his favourite chocolates are made. And hopefully bring us some too!


Ferrari, Maserati, Ducati, Lamborghini, and the Vespa. No wonder that Italy is No.1 on the auto-buff’s travel bucket list. Given Rohith is a man in love with his machines, he would be a very happy man in Italy! The original Neapolitan Pizza is definitely on his menu as well.

We are keeping a close watch on Rohith and his machine as he rides through these 10 countries. Follow us and keep  a lookout for #eurotrailwithPYT and we’ll keep you updated on his movements!

Have a look at the Lone Wanderer and his adventures in the past.

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