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Lost Chambers in Atlantis
Written by Winston on April 30, 2020 Share on

The Lost Chambers Aquarium In Dubai

The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai is one of the wonders of Dubai which has a unique experience in terms of the marine life it offers in large glass tunnels. It is known to be UAE’s largest aquarium containing about 65,000 aquatic animals. There are a wide range of activities that one can do here from diving among the sharks and rays to getting the first-hand experience of the remains of Atlantis

Lost Chambers Aquarium In Dubai

The central attraction to the aquarium is breaking open into the history of Atlantis which went underwater thousands of years and its ruins were found later. It’s themed after the Lost City of Atlantis and the entire aquarium is a series of underground tunnels which depicts the lost civilization. In total there are 20 aquatic life exhibits in this aquarium which is open to tourists, some can even be fed under the guidance of experts.

Activities Inside The Lost Chambers Aquarium in 2020

1. Snorkeling

This is by far the most rated experience in The Lost Chambers Aquarium because it’s one of those experiences where you get to be with aquatic life. For beginners and children aged 6 years and above can experience snorkelling, who can take the help of experts and trainers who can give safe and complete experience. The gear will be supplied after a brief training session.

2. Fish Tales Tour

This tour is specifically for all those animal lovers who would like to experience underwater species. There are a total of 65,000 animals which are taken care of and nurtured by the organization, this tour will give access to all of these different species where a guide will take you through the aquarium. This tour takes place at the Ambassador Lagoon.

3. Aquarium Dives

There are different diving programs for divers of different kinds. The first is the Atlantis dive discovery which is a beginners program for the non-certified divers. Then there is a single tank dive for the certified divers and the last is the Predator dive which is only for Bravehearts.

There are multiple diving programs which one can choose from depending on his/her expertise level. The beginner dive, which is for the non-certified divers, is the Atlantis dive discovery. For all those certified divers and Bravehearts you can take a dive in the predator tank which is mostly filled with sharks, rays and so on.

4. Aquarium park

Halloween parties are hosted during that time of the year where people can wear spooky costumes and experience the night shows at the aquarium

5. Aqua Theatre Shows

 There are comic divers who try to entertain the kids by explaining the various aspects of marine and diving life.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium Atlantis has 21 aquariums and is home to 65,000 sea animals. It gives you an in-ocean experience when you enter this storehouse because that’s how the ambience is built. Fish and lobsters, seahorses, jellyfishes, alligators, etc are few of the very basic creatures you will get to experience in this aquarium. One of the differentiating factors of this Aquarium is that you get to touch some of the animals with your bare hand. To experience the best of it all, it’s recommended to talk to one of our destination experts who has complete context as to what happens in each of these tours to help you gain context and choose which Dubai tour package you would like to go with.

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