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Spilling the beans on our Bali success – Suta, da man!

For most travellers who go abroad for the first time, the strangeness of the land, new languages, different culture hits them hard. But for our travellers to Bali, Indonesia – the newness is accompanied by a warm, fuzzy feeling of home. There’s one name that lingers on for a long time with our Bali-returned travellers – that is Suta and his team. Meet Suta – The man who is revolutionising the Bali Travel Industry

Suta is our travel partner in Bali, the second biggest reason for our happy travellers. The first one of course being the beautiful Bali itself!

Spotlight : Suta

Meet Suta!

I am a proud native of Indonesia and have been showing around my country to travellers for more than two decades now. My family is a small one – my wife Komang Rasikadevi, a daughter who is 17 and a son who is 15. We live with my parents in Bali.

‘Why travel and tourism’ , we asked Suta


I have loved travelling from a very young age and have always dreamt of meeting people from different countries. While travelling was not really possible because of reasons of economy, I could meet people from across the world by working in the travel industry. What I like the best about my work in the travel industry is that I get to learn so much from the people I meet – their way of life, culture. All this without even visiting their country! How better can it get?!

Suta’s top Bali picks

Bali is well known for its culture and beaches. What would I suggest?

1. Temples, like the picturesque Tanah Lot. Temples give a lot of insight into the Balinese way of life.

Tanah Lot temple, Bali

2. The paddy fields of Ubud are a sight you won’t find in too many places. The lush greenery is something we are proud of. It’s a picture that will stay forever in your mind.

Lush green paddy fields at Ubud

3. A Traditional Balinese massage is a must! Our massages are a combination of aromatherapy and accupressure. A very relaxing experience that a visitor to Bali should never miss!


What’s on your bucket list?

Honestly, I have never travelled outside Indonesia so far. If I do get a chance, I would love to visit Australia, Singapore and India. I am a Hindu and practice Yoga, I believe I have a connect with India in many ways. So, it has always been my first on my travel wish list.

The dreaded cranky traveller

Image credit – businessinsider

Over the years of working in the travel industry, I have met many different kinds of people, each with a unique character. My motto is – ‘For every problem, there is a solution’. When ever I come across these cranky travellers, I make sure I listen carefully to their expectations. By listening, I mean not just hearing but understanding their point of view. Listening to travellers is an important thing, that I ensure my team also follows.

Suta’s Happiness formula

To make people happy, we should be happy too. The best way to stay happy is enjoy doing the work you do. Put in all the passion you have in what you do. My formula for happiness is ‘You are as I am’. We love to share our joy with people – the best way to stay happy and spread it too.

Your most rewarding moments


When I know people have a great time, I feel the happiest! That is my most rewarding moment. And I have many such rewarding ones!

If not Bali, where else?

Not too far from home. But I would love to be in Gili’s Islands or Yogyakarta. Gili islands are beautiful gems that stand out in this part of the Indian Ocean. Yogakarta is Java’s cultural soul and is the most artistic place ever.

Anything Indian travellers could work on?

I find Indians to be good people. But I also think they need to respect time!

What’s cooking in Bali?


Balinese curry and Spicy steam chicken or Ayam betutu

Best Souvenirs from Bali

Balinese handicrafts are very well known and appreciated. Wood work such as the famous Barong masks or silver jewellery maybe?

Any tips that will help travellers preserve local ecology?

Just remember a little thing – Put rubbish in the rubbish bin. Helps everywhere!

Inspired enough to plan a Bali trip package and meet Suta? We are just a note away!

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