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A ship sailing on the ocean
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The Maritime Experiential Museum In Sentosa – Know Your Way Around

The Maritime Experiential Museum in Sentosa is a hidden gem in Singapore. The attraction is overshadowed by the presence of Universal Studios and the SEA Aquarium. The museum reflects the historical the Maritime Silk Route and the magnificent conquest of the seas. If you are a fan of the life of sailors or if you have been deeply bamboozled by Captain Jack Sparrow and his Black Pearl, this is the place you want to be at, Savvy?

Front view of the maritime experiential museum in Sentosa
Image credits: Wikipedia

The museum underwent renovation recently and has 15 thematic galleries with an assemblage of outstanding multimedia, interactive exhibits, and multi-sensory experiences which will help you vibe the mighty past. It is really a rare experience where you can relive the lives of famous mariners and even the pirates.

Here are the things that make the Maritime Experiential Museum in Sentosa unique and explains why you should be there on your visit to Singapore

Bring out your inner Jack Sparrow

As the legendary Jack Sparrow, Sorry!, Captain Jack Sparrow explored the seven seas, you can take the role of an explorer at the Maritime Experiential Museum. The place provides you with an immersive experience with the 15 galleries with coherent narratives just more than a description. The most interesting part is your journey through the holograms of famous explorers like Marco Polo, Sang Nila Utama, Ibn Battuta, and Zheng He. You can see them narrating their history and stories about conquering the seas. There are exhibits of the ports like Quanzhou, Oman, Calicut and Malacca. You can walk through them and also see the exhibits of frankincense, perfumes, and spices which were present as the centre of trade during the time of Maritime Silk Route.

Witness the Majestic Vessels

Various Chinese, Borobudur, and Javanese trading ships were operated on the Maritime Silk Route. You can also see the projections and models of those vessels here at the Maritime Experiential Museum. The 360-degree view of the vessels and the details in the making will fascinate you. The famous Jewel of Muscat, an Arab dhow ship, was presented to the government and people of Singapore by Sultanate of Oman. You can see the replica of the Jewel of Muscat at the museum.

the replica of Jewel of Muscat in the Maritime experiential museum
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Take your Sailing skills to the next level

Nothing better than a museum that gives you a complete learning experience by helping you be a part of it. You can explore every aspect of being a great explorer in the Maritime Experiential Museum. There are interactive concourses in Learning to Navigate chamber where you get to learn the intricacies of knot-tying, navigation methods. You will be learning everything used by the sailors in history. You will be on your way to be the King of Seven Seas. Also, you can dress up as an explorer in an interactive photo session.

Save the treasures from The Pirates

It is a no surprise to a sailor that a sea expedition is incomplete without the Pirate attack. The Maritime Experiential Museum recreates these Pirate attacks. As you walk through the section you will immerse in the live-action of pirates not only in the form of lights but also in the form of sound shows that play around.

Save the Shipwreck at Typhoon Theatre

You can literally drown in the 4-D experience offered by the Typhoon theatre in the Maritime Experiential Museum. It will be a sensational simulation experience like never before. This multi-sensory experience carries you in a ninth-century vessel. You can witness and feel the vessel running into a wild storm with all the enhanced special effects. The experience involves the ship tumbled around by the storm. It ends with the shipping drowning down into the deep sea.

Once you have an amazing experience at the Maritime Experiential Museum, you can also visit the famous Sea Aquarium of Singapore which is located just below the museum. There are also various places to dine nearby to have a beautiful time with your family. Maritime Experiential Museum is an astounding place to be especially if you have an interest in marine life and you will be entertained throughout. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience on your next trip to Singapore. Also, Don’t miss out on the wonderful packages to Singapore available in Pickyourtrail!

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