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Great white shark
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The Most Shark-Infested Waters in Australia

The moment we hear the word Australia, the first image that we get is long Varied lifestyle, beautiful beaches, Majestic mountains, Rain forests and endless seas. 90% of Australia’s population lives on the coast. This country has the largest ecosystem in the world. 80% of the country’s animals are unique. Australia has 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world and stands second in the world for having the maximum number of deadly Shark attacks. !

Yes, this article is all about Sharks in Australia. Sharks are one of the most phenomenal creatures in the world, and Australia, the unique destination on the planet. Putting the two together what we get is an interesting story of humans and sharks. 

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Australia has 22,293 miles (35,877km) of coastline, thus it’s evident that every child in Australia enjoys swimming and the beaches. The locals here are keen swimmers but don’t encounter a shark up so close. As per research not all the shark species present threat to humans. Species such as the White-tipped Reef Shark, the humble Wobbegong, the fearsome Grey Nurse Shark and Leopard Shark although ferocious, but they usually do not attract humans unless provoked.

Sharks in Australia
Image Credits: Google Images

For the ‘no-risk’ takers, the encounter with the gentle whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef, north of Peth is the perfect spot. The trek to tick snorkelling with the whale shark is a perfect plan for tourists from all over the world. 

Still, scared to face the shark in the water? Port Lincoln offers a perfect view of the great white sharks while you are safely put in a cage. If you are a little brave and would like to have a direct faceoff with tiger sharks, lemon sharks or even hammerheads, then shark bay is the best choice which is located 800kms north of Perth. The 2-hour experience of scuba diving will last with you forever for the rest of your life. 

Image credits: Wikimedia

Towards the northeast of the coast of Australia, one can find the planet’s most precious shark hotspots with vast biodiversity. Yes, this is the place where an extra bit of care is needed to encounter species like great hammerhead, Tigershark, grey reef shark, silvertip shark. 

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