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The Official Bali Swing
Written by Duvvuru Anvesh on June 6, 2021 Share on

Bali Swing – Swing Your Way into Beautiful Lush Green Nature!

The Official Bali Swing in Ubud has created such a phenomenon that hundreds of them have popped up across Bali. It’s almost impossible to go from place to place without spotting one on the way. The pictures of people swinging in these, looking over the beautiful jungles have become a sensation. It has created a sense of need-to-experience amongst travellers. Eventually, this has become one of the most instagrammable spots in Bali. Probably, all over the world too! Read on to know more about the Bali Swing and the other swings available across Bali. Few of the swings other than the one in Ubud, maybe in private property available to only guests. And a few are available to the general public for free provided you purchase something in that property.

The official Bali Swing
Image Source: Unsplash

The Best Bali Swings

  • The Ubud Bali Swing
    • The views are pretty amazing and cost about $35.
  • Zen Hideaway
    • This swing is available only for guests who chose to stay there, but if the views from this swing are gorgeous.
  • Uma Pakel Swing
    • At $10 per person, this place is a steal considering the views it offers.
  • Tegalalang Terrace Swing
    • If the rice terraces in Bali have caught your attention, then the Tegalalang swing is an absolute beauty for $10.
  • Wanagiri Hidden Hills
    • Probably the cheapest swing on the list at about $3, but don’t let that undermine the beauty this swing has to offer!
  • Tegenungan Swing
    • What’s better than swinging over trees? Swinging with a waterfall behind. Try this swing at $3.50 apart from the entrance fee to the waterfall.
  • Nung Nung Swing
    • Buy a coffee, and you get a complimentary swing. Win-Win. Not the best of views, but it’s still worth trying out.
  • Bali Chocolate Factory
    • Though it doesn’t offer incredible views, I think it’s still good for getting beautiful pictures and chocolates.
Tegenungan Swing
Image Source: Unsplash

If you are trying to get THE photo for the ‘gram, and actually experience the best views, The Official Bali Swing in Ubud should be your top choice. Though it comes with a $35 tag, it is and will remain the best view a swing can offer in Bali. The closest alternative to The Bali Swing would be the one at Zen Hideaway but is only available to guests who stay there. The accommodation costs somewhere about $250 a night, if that comes under your budget then you don’t really have to look for other options. The other swings such as Tegallalang or Wanagiri Hills might be a step down from how amazing the views are, but it’s really worth it at that price point.


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Let’s talk about the Official Bali Swing

With the number of swings that have come up in Bali, it can be harder than you think to find the original one. The Ubud swing is the most sought-after. The Official Bali swing comes with several varying heights and they are constantly being upgraded to give you amazing experiences. These swings look over a splendid valley with a river flowing that gives you the authentic Balinese jungle vibe. One look at it and you’ll know why so many people obsess over this.

Official Bali Swing
Image Source: Unsplash

But if you are scared about swinging at these heights, but still want to experience those amazing views You should check out the Bali Nests. They are literally nests that are set up on top of trees that can accommodate a human being. You can get into the nest through a ladder which will be removed later on to give you that real feeling of being in a nest. Though sturdy and safe there, you are still required to wear a rope tied around your waist. The nests are included in your entrance fee to the swing, so make sure you get the best of both!


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Bonus Tip: If you are travelling solo or travelling with someone who can’t a shooting photo (smh), you can choose to shoot with a professional photographer. The official Bali swing has in-house photographers whom you can hire for around $12. You can even rent a floral dress if you feel like going all-out!

Best Time to Visit the Official Bali Swing

The official Bali Swing attracts a lot of crowds and therefore gets increasingly busy. It’s better if you reach as early as possible if you want to avoid waiting in queues (or having the pressure of seeing people wait for their turn.) The place opens up by 8 AM. It is preferable to reach there at that time itself, as the soft light can be great for photos! That being said, it’s better to book your slot in advance in order to escape the waiting and get on the right to the experience!

Bali swings
Image Source: Unsplash

Is the Bali swing safe?

It is. It definitely is. You’d feel nervous as you approach the swing and sit on it. But you’d be asked to put on a safety harness, so there’s no scope for you to fly off the seat. But in case you feel uncomfortable going that high, you can ask to be pushed gently. As of now, there haven’t been any accidents recorded. But there’s always a risk involved. So please take the utmost care while you are on the swing!

When and How to Reach the Bali Swing?

The Official Bali Swing opens at 8 AM. They also provide a free pick up, but that starts only from 9 AM. Not an optimal choice if you were planning to get that amazing click! So it’s preferable to reach here on your own. And since this isn’t in the centre of the town, it makes all the more sense to come on your own. It’s only a 20-minute drive from Ubud when the traffic is minimal.


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You have three options to reach the Official Bali Swing. Taxi, scooter, or the aforementioned free shuttle pick up. If you have chosen to go on your own, the scooter is the cheapest option at about $5. But take it only if you are very confident about riding it. Otherwise, choose to go in the good old taxi. The taxi costs about $10. Take traffic into account while planning with the taxi.

The other swings pretty much have similar ways to reach. Their prices and distances from the city may vary though. We hope you take utmost care while having the best time of your life. If you think you need help planning all of this, our Travel Consultants at Pickyourtrail are there to help you out! We specialize in curating itineraries based on your requirements. Alternatively, you can also check out our Bali Travel Packages. That’s it from our side. Do take care and happy exploring! 😀

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