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Exciting days in Dubai – The only Dubai itineraries you will ever need!

Once the sand of Dubai settles on your shoulders, you can never shake it off

And you wouldn’t want to! Welcome to Dubai – the land of sand dunes, gold, belly dancers, innovation and the best of whatever money can buy. Hop on your camel, habibi, these are the best Dubai itineraries to discover the city with:

Begin Dubai vacation

Day 1:

Desert Safari, BBQ & belly dance

When surrounded by a desert, first-hand experience some adventure in the sands. Take a four-wheel drive through sweeping sand dunes and catch a sunset like never before. After enough of photogenic shots and selfies, you will reach the Bedouin camp. Get out and have a go at sandboarding, smoking shisha and get your hands painted with henna. Feast on a sumptuous 3 course meal to the sights and sounds of belly dancing. Moonlight, dinner and entertainment. Feel like a royal at?

Meanwhile, catch these exciting things, too.

Day 2:

Dubai city tour

Half day

Set out and explore this Emirate city today. Glittering skyscrapers aside, take a ferry to the other side of Dubai. Hop off and explore Dubai’s historic side:

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum
Image credit - jumeirah

Housed inside the Dubai’s oldest building - Al Fahidi Fort, the museum narrates stories from before oil was discovered. Inside, galleries try to recreate historic Arab houses, mosques, Souks, date farms and desert life back to life for the viewers. You will also stumble upon archaeological digs and artefacts from Asia and Africa dating back to the third millennium B.C.E.

While in the vicinity, check these out:

  • Take a cable car to acquaint yourself with the region better
  • Explore the winding lanes here and discover a way of life far, far away from the glittering city
  • Check out the Spices and Gold Souks in the vicinity

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Hop on a ferry back to Dubai city. Once here, set out to Jumeirah Mosque.

One of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, the stunning Jumeirah mosque dates back to 900 AD. Carved entirely from marble, this is the only mosque in Dubai that welcomes non-Muslims six days a week. Remember to cover your head with a scarf and enjoy the breathtaking sunset as it lights up the intricately designed walls of the mosque.

Dhow Cruise

Dinner on Dhow cruise
Image credit - daytur

See the world light up around you as you head down the Dubai Creek aboard an authentic Dhow. Be greeted with music, a Tanura dance show and some Arabian coffee. When the sky is a blanket of stars, tuck into some mouth-watering BBQ buffet laid out for you. Make memories under the starry desert sky and deboard to retire for the night.

Day 3:

Abu Dhabi city tour & Ferrari World

Take the 2.5 hour drive to Abu Dhabi and awe wonderstruck as the capital city’s skyline comes into view. Home to some of the grandest shopping malls, modern towers and the longest zipline, start exploring some of the city’s highlights:

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Image credit - samarth

Unveiled in 2007, it became Abu Dhabi’s largest place of worship since then. With a capacity of holding about 40,000 people at once, it’s also known for housing the world’s largest chandelier and carpet. With ornate engravings both inside and out, the mosque looks nothing short of dreamy. While here, it’s good to remember:

  • It looks even more beautiful in the night
  • The mosque is closed for non-worshippers on Fridays
  • A strict code is in place - long, loose-fitting, and opaque clothing that covers your legs & shoulders.
  • Entry is free.
  • The mosque is accessible via taxi, too.

Mall hopping

Marina Mall
Image credit - arabianbusiness

If you didn’t get the chance to shop your heart at Dubai, you got lucky. The malls in Abu Dhabi are nothing less than a shopper’s paradise. From Marina Mall where you can ice skate, try your hand at bowling and watch the spectacular musical fountains to the Abu Dhabi Mall that is endowed with more than 200 stores to satiate the shopaholic in you.

Capital Gate

Capital Gate
Image credit - archdaily

One word: snazzy. Inclining 18 degrees at the height of 160 metres, Capital Gate is one the tallest in the city often being dubbed as Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi. It now houses two hotels and office spaces.

Ferrari World

11:00 - 20:00/22:00

Ferrari World
Image credit - yallabook

Ferrari isn’t just about cars and racing. It’s about squealing, defying gravity and having fun. Enter the Ferrari World - the world’s largest indoor theme park - and be met with a dizzying array of rides to try out. Housing the world’s fastest roller coaster, taking a ride on the Formula Rossa is a must-do. This apart you can try karting, drive a ferrari and take the racing simulator challenge here.

End the exhilarating day with a drive back to Dubai to rest for another exciting day ahead.

Day 4:

Ready to send yourself into a tizzy of some pure fun and entertainment at the IMG Themepark.

IMG Themepark

IMG Themepark
Image credit - imgworlds

One-of-a-kind, this is another one of the world’s largest indoor themepark-entertainment venues. Divided into four zones, two play homage to Cartoon Network and Marvel. From haunted hotel rides to recreating the Age of Ultron, IMG takes all your cartoon fantasies and brings them to life. Ever wondered about the shawarma place Tony Stark mentioned at the of the first Avengers’ movie? Well, stop thinking already. From Downtown Shawarma to Tony’s Skydeck - even dining here is fun and exciting. Grab your spoons - but your passes first!

Once you have had your fill of fun, grab something to eat and head to get your lion’s share of sleep. You deserve it, Habibi!

Day 5

Save the best for last, they say. Whoever they are, we agree with them. Today is the day. Can you smell the adventure in the air yet?

Burj Khalifa

Visit Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa building in all its glory. Located in downtown Dubai, once here take the elevator up to the 148th floor to access world’s highest outdoor observation deck. If you are feeling high and mighty, there is a gold vending machine you can test out.

Tip: You can access a 360 degree view of the Dubai even at Level 125, 456 metres above ground. Get your tickets!

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall
Image credit - popsugar

Welcome to the shopping wonderland. The largest in the world, this mall isn’t just about shopping your heart out. Dubai Mall is an experience that involves fun at Kidzania, making new friends and being fascinated at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, trying your hand at ice skating and catching a flick in the most surrealistic way at the Reel Cinemas. Among the many experiences, definitely catch the Dubai Fountain show.

Spectacular. Colourful. Glitzy. You will run out of adjectives trying to describe the glorious display of lights that is the fountain show. So ginormous are these spectacles, you were actually required to ride a traditional abra boat to get across to the fountains. Now they are accessible from a waterfront viewing promenade that let you get you a closer look.

Take those pictures and memories back home.

Get started.

Day 1

Miracle Gardens

Open: October - April

If you thought a garden in the midst of a desert was a miracle in itself, you should take a look at Miracle Gardens - you will be bowled over, to say the least. Launched in 2013 to commemorate Valentine’s Day, the garden is home to 109 million blooming flowers making it the world’s largest natural flower garden. If flowers here from brilliant blues to warm marigolds don’t get you smiling, walk into the Butterfly Garden nearby. Watch a couple 15,000 butterflies flutter around you.

Scenes from the Bollywood flick Humari Adhuri Kahaani were shot here.

A day well spent in the lap of nature, among dizzying skyscrapers, rest for the day with some tasty Arabian fare or some of your comfort food.

Day 2

Spoiler alert: today is for a-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e. Grab your comfort clothes, slip on comfortable footwear and head out to Atlantis.

Aquaventure Park

Aquaventure waterpark
Image credit - atlantisthepalm

First stop at a water themepark. Proudly flaunting its Leading Waterpark of Middle East award for 2016, just enter this wonderland to know why. From exhilarating water rides to river watersports to zipline adventures to even an underwater shark safari, the fun to have underwater is an unending list.

Lost Chambers

Lost Chambers in Atlantis
Image credit - atlantisthepalm

Another fun way to get to know the diverse world underwater is a ticket to this aquarium. From snorkelling experience across the lost city of Atlantis to diving in the aquarium or even taking a Hatha Yoga class by the aquarium. Discover a whole new world while having your share of fun, relaxation and adventure here.

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Day 3

Save your energy for the journey home ahead. Time meet the showstoppers of today.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium
Image credit - uaemums

Meet and greet with these cute flippers of the ocean indoors. Enter Dolphinarium to sight bottlenose dolphins, seals and an exotic collection of birds. Watch a Creek Park bird show, dolphins and seals juggle, dance and play ball. If you want to befriend dolphins, this is just the place to be - from swimming with dolphins to taking a scuba dive with them to even becoming a dolphin trainer for the day. Choose your favourite program!

Take memories home!

Excited to begin your adventure through this spectacular city? Book your Dubai tour package or Book this 5 Day Dubai itinerary now!

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