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a beautiful view of the shore around lake geneva
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The Shore Path Around Lake Geneva – Relax and Rejuvenate in the Sound of Silence

Nothing soothes the soul like a peaceful walk along the shore. Put down your phones, fasten your shoelaces, pay attention to the moment, feel the sky, and be a little crazy! The Shore Path around Lake Geneva is one of the best places to chill and spend quality time with friends and family. The place offers amazing scenic views enhanced with a pleasant climate. There is so much beauty around Geneva Lake. Relax in the historic estates with well-maintained lawns and gardens. The beautiful Geneva Lake with sailboats and antique wooden boats make it impossible to see everything on your first walk around the path. When you are in Switzerland, A visit to Shore Path Around Lake Geneva is a must!

The walking trail of shore path
Image credits: Good free photos

The entire shore path is 22 miles long. Homeowners and landlords around the lake are required to keep the pathway clear and maintained. Few areas have a brick or paved walkways, while others may be a simple dirt path. No matter what you are walking on, the view from every single point is stunning. Walk Talk and Gawk Lake Geneva is the original map and complete tour guide of the place that will help you cover the nook and corners of the shore.

Public entrances and exit points for the Shore Path

  • One can access the shore path at Library Park that is located in the heart of the downtown district. An added advantage to this entrance point is, there is plenty of parking available.
  • Village of Williams Bay has a public boat launch however, parking is limited during the summer.
  • The Village of Fontana, Walworth County, is a beautiful place to enjoy a small-town atmosphere. There’s plenty of public parking near the lakefront.
  • The Town of Linn offers access to Shore Path on the Linn Pier Road from the boat launch, though parking is limited.

The time taken by a person to explore the Shore Path depends on their will power and fitness. Maps marked with tourist attractions on them make it easier for the people to move around the place.

A building on the shore path of lake geneva
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

People can also catch the winds in their sails! Geneva offers various cruise experiences throughout the year. The complete package of walking on the Lake Geneva shore path and the cruise will cost you around $50 (INR 3400/-). The best one can do is, walk from Lake Geneva to Williams’ bay, and then enjoy the local food in the middle of the lake by taking a brunch cruise. The cruise departs at 11:45 AM from the Bay. One must make a reservation for the cruise at least a day prior to avoid last-minute inconvenience. Travelers are advised to be on time for the cruise. You can also find a trail out there that will be perfect for you to do hiking with a bunch of friends.

Forget yourself amidst the orange and purple tint of the sky. Cherish the grace of the breeze and walk through the path of tranquility. Geneva’s beauty will definitely demand a revisit. Slide into the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Switzerland!

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