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Written by Shefali Ganesh on August 26, 2016 Share on

The Snake that Snubbed Discovery Channel

Wessie P.Thon is super busy. He has been making headlines on leading publications over the last week. Wessie hangs out in Westbrook (Maine, Portland) and is quite a terror among the locals. Oh and yes, he is on the ‘Most Wanted’ list of the Westbrook Police Department. Wessie is just an alias for Mr.P.Thon. Westbrook has christened him Wessie after the Loch-Ness monster, Nessie. Curious to know who he is?

Wondering where Westbrook is? It is in Maine, USA and is a pretty, idyllic town indeed. No wonder Wessie chose this to be home. A river runs right through the town, you could go canoeing or just fish. Oh there’s golfing too in this town. If you ever wish to say hello to Wessie, do let us know. We’ll be happy to help you plan your tripHave a look at the ‘picture-postcard’ looks of the town..


And Now, Say hello to Wessie!

Wessie P.Thon

Wessie is a 10-foot long snake that has been spotted in Westbrook and has been creating a steady wave of comic terror. While some claim his head is the size of a football, others claim he was last seen eating a whole beaver. Westbrook’s monster-in-the-making is quite a sensation and even has his own twitter account! Celebrity ain’t he?

Meanwhile check out Wessie’s activities over the last month.

Twitter Celebrity 

@WessieThon has nearly 200 followers and has quite an active twitter account. He’s a social one, this Wessie. Check out his latest tweets!


Wessie loves the media. He’s made quite a joke of Discovery Channel’s mission to find him out.


He has quite a fan base. Loves them much indeed. Guess he just missed Jana!


@WessieThon is NOT a pokemon! How could people ask such questions?! He is a ssscary sssnake… Talking of Pokemons, want to know their latest haunts across the world, see – this.


We can see you reaching out for that phone to follow Wessie on twitter. Go right ahead and tell him we at PickYourTrail said a big hi! Don’t forget, we are the guys you need to come to if you are ever thinking of a trip – check out our destination guide! 

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