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Written by Siddhi on June 5, 2020 Share on

Enjoy The Yard in Dubai – A Paradise For Families!

The people behind the developments like La Mer and The Beach JBR, The Meeras Group has come up with a new development destination. The new destination, The Yard in Dubai has been unveiled recently and is definitely a place worth visiting. Get to know more about what all The Yard Dubai has got for its visitors!

What is The Yard?

The Yard Dubai is something really unique to explore in Dubai. It is a 350,000 sq. ft extension to the existing Last Exit D89. It is located in the Al Khawaneej area on the outskirts of the city, near Mushrif Park. The destination features a playful mural, similar to the Art Work across buildings in La Mer.

The Yard comprises a rustic courtyard, an organic farmer’s market, a bakery, a lake with two bridges spanning it, shaded walking trails. The inspiration behind this is Dubai’s agricultural heartland, showing a blend of rural farm environment with urban accents. It also has air-conditioned and open-air restaurants and dining spaces.

How do I get to The Yard?

If you want to use public transport for going to The Yard, you can take a bus from Rashidiya Metro station bus stop. RTA Buses F05 and 11A take you to Mushrif Veterinary and it is approximately a 2km walk from there. The most convenient way is to go by car or a cab. There is plenty of free parking and drop off points at the location.

Highlights of the Yard

Love Locks in Dubai

Love Locks in Dubai
Image Credits: Google Images

The Yard is a sprawling property, spanning 350,000 sq ft. We immediately looked for the love locks; the very reason why the hopeless romantic in me badly want to visit!

We found two pedestrian bridges already half-filled with colourful padlocks over the manmade lake. The Promise Bridge is Dubai’s answer to Paris’ Ponts des Arts. The Romantics can attach a padlock with their names – a symbolic pledge to everlasting love!

Food At The Yard

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai
Image Credits: Google Images

The food trucks here have an amazing collection of restaurants. Homestead in The Yard, incorporates a bakery and focuses on locally sourced organic ingredients. They serve a huge range of cuisines from local Emirati to Persian as well as Indian. This big venue has ample indoor seating and becomes a really popular spot especially during summer. Homestead continues the vintage vibe, imagine reclaimed water butts for taps in the washrooms with country-style decor and twee fake bird in cages on surfaces.

Numerous models of farm animals displayed invoke life on the farm to get your kids to think about how the food on their plate gets there from a field. This feeds off a tranquil development that is by all accounts rising in Dubai and the UAE, a spot known for being dependent on food imports because of the harsh weather, to think about food security. This is seen in local attempts to farm organically, such as the Emirates Bio Farm, and organic food initiatives such as the Ripe Marke.

Good Restaurants at The Yard Dubai

Connected to The Yard is Last Exit Khawaneej. Last Exit street food truck park is a drive-thru venue! Can you believe that there are already four Last Exits in Dubai and it’s our first-time visit one? Each Last Exit has a unique theme. The food truck park in Khawaneej reflects the agricultural heritage of the neighbourhood. There are plenty of food trucks in the area; all eye-catching! Hence, Ed and I felt we were spoilt for choice, yet at the same time, totally confused on what to have for dinner. There’s Poco Loco for Latin American bites, Jaldi Jaldi for Indian street food, Mooyah, Krush, and Burger Pit for American burgers, Hot Chix for all things chicken, and a whole lot more!

Krush Burger: Burgers are always a favourite for everyone. And extra cheese and fries make it even better. This food truck serves Fast Food and American Burgers.

The Inventing room: This food truck satisfies your dessert cravings. Their frozen hot chocolate is a recommended drink.

Mooyah: The food truck also serves fast food but their Loaded fries are what people generally order.

What’s There For Instagram?

The place is perfect for you to get beautiful pictures for your Instagram account. The 18-m high wind wall, wishing well, decorative vintage trucks scream “Instagram me”!

The Yard in Dubai
Image Credits: Google Images

The Yard has an Insta-friendly vibe which includes de rigueur for Meraas developments, La Mer included, with eccentric hipster-centric old-style themes. You can see cool murals, reclaimed agricultural equipment and farm-inspired installations, offering plenty of spots to get that perfect ‘Gram shot. Whether you want a sunset shot by the lake, to pose next to a giant newspaper-reading plastic cow, fake a conversation with a rustic-looking scarecrow. Or you can do a bouncy shot on a trampoline, appear sitting on a reclaimed vintage tractor, The Yard has everything for you! Someone inside Meraas has clearly picked up on the current generation’s obsessive need to create the quirkiest possible shots for their social media feeds. Hats off to their efforts behind this entertainment hub!

Meeras has always been creating an imaginative and exciting family-friendly destination for Dubai residents. There are plans to host community events to bring residents and visitors in Al Khawaneej area together to socialise, create and innovative. Visiting Yard will definitely be a beautiful experience with your family and loved ones.

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