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Thean Hou Temple
Written by Shanmugam on June 17, 2020 Share on

Thean Hou Temple: Kuala Lumpur Most Prominent And Religious Temple

Located at the Southwest of the city, Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur considered as the oldest temple in Malaysia. Also, it is one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia. It allures a lot of tourists and one of the significant tourist attraction, situated along with Jalan Klang Lama. This serene and tranquil temple has so many wonders tucked in and also called a six-tiered Buddhist temple. Also, people in Kuala Lumpur call this temple as Temple of the Goddess of Heaven.

Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Kumpur
Image Source: Unsplash

The temple holds the sacred goddess Tian Hou, who protect fishermen and the nearby by local people. Also, the temple has Guhan Yin, goddess of mercy. Moreover, people come to this shrine every day to offer their prayers. Built by KL’s Hainanese community in 1894, the temple sits on a hill and offers astonishing views of the city.

Inside Thean Hou Temple

Inside the octagonal hall, there are a plethora of Buddha images and modern Buddhist Pagoda. Amidst the Goddess of the Waterfront and the Goddess of Mercy there sits the statue is Tian Hou. Additionally, the temple also exhibits multi-religious principles and structures. Religions such as Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism statues can be seen. The temple also has Guan Di (the God of War) and Wei Tuo that contributes divinity and beauty. Along with a tortoise pond and a freshwater well, the temple also has a Chinese medicinal herbs garden. Besides the temple is a sacred Boddhi tree where you can sit and meditate.

Thean Hou Temple
Image Source: Unsplash

What makes the temple so special

What makes this beautiful temple more attractive is the structural design of the entire temple. It has the finest combination of contemporary architectural style and traditional designs too. With tricky decorations and ornate carvings, the temple stands as a top-notch architectural marvel. The front entrance has a multi-arched gateway that symbolises prosperity and good fortune. With red colour pillars,dragon-inspired columns and pagoda rooftops give a traditional touch to this temple. Also, the temple has a massive prayer hall with three altars. The temple atmosphere gives you a positive vibe and also the entire premises smell with the fragrance of burning joss sticks. You can also see lots of devotees and visitors kneeling in prayer and placing offerings at the feet of the statues. The temple will be bustling with visitors and devotees during Wesak Day and Mooncake Festival.

Thean Hou Temple speciality
Image source: Unsplash

Hidden Features of the temple

The temple space is also used as a wedding venue. When you visit this place you can see a lot of wedding ceremonies happening at Thean Hou Temple. if you wish to take some scenic and instagrammable pictures, this place will definitely be a retreat for you. You can take amazing and colourful pictures at this temple. Also, the temple allows KL’s Chinese locals to conduct fortune-telling readings. What is more interesting is that traditional martial arts classes like Qigong, tai-chi and wushu Minibus happen here.

Thean Hou Temple hidden features
Image source: Unsplash

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