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Things Not To Do In Mauritius: Major Don’ts For A Safe Trip

Mauritius is known globally for its reefs, lagoons and sandy white beaches. This gorgeous scenery makes it the best place to unwind. It is also the best place to experience water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling etc. There is so much to do in Mauritius like enjoying beaches and swimming in the crystal clear waters. Besides that, you can also go shopping in local markets and buy native products and souvenirs. There are a plethora of adventure activities to try out while you’re here. But, one should also keep in mind the things not to do in Mauritius.

Things Not To Do In Mauritius
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While on a holiday, your excitement is always at peak and you want to let yourself go. But, it is important to keep safe at all times. Mauritius should be on the top of our bucket list as its a place to relax and spend time with your loved ones. Keep in mind the things not to do in Mauritius to keep the fun going.

Things Not To Do In Mauritius

Mauritius is tropical heaven on earth. Even in heaven, you will have to be careful and follow some rules not to upset local sentiments and regulations. You should be aware of things not to do in Mauritius to avoid any peace disruption. Always stay aware of your surroundings and actions while touring the country.

1. Don’t Go On A Hike Without A Guide

Things Not To Do In Mauritius
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Mauritius has so many dense green forests so it’s natural to want to go hiking. Nothing beats a long tiring walk in these forests. But, never venture out into the forests without a professional local guide to take you along. You are not familiar with the routes to take as the forests are very thick and dense. You may get lost in these forests and get confused with the hiking trail to take. Local guides know the best-suited routes and are well acquainted with the forests to know and guide you around properly. This is one of the top things not to do in Mauritius.

2. Don’t Follow Google Maps Blindly

 Mauritius roads
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Google Maps is everyone’s go-to app when they’re looking for directions. Hence, the world has become so reliant on google maps for places and have started to blindly trust the directions. Google has still not optimised their maps and made it accurate for Mauritius. It is best not to rely on the app for directions while in the country as you will end up in the wrong place if you follow it. Hence, it is best to be careful and not use it. Rather it is better to take the help of locals for suggestions on places to go and how to get there. Locals are much more well versed to guide you.

3. Don’t Catch A Late Night Bus Trip

Mauritius’ public transport system is very convenient. Once you learn how to use the system, there’s no easier way to go around. You will especially love the bus services in Mauritius. But timings are very important when it comes to boarding buses. Avoid any travel post 6 pm as the country has no nightlife so most of the places will be deserted and dark. Most bus services work only till 6:45-7 pm so you will not have a ride back to where you want to go even if you set out. So this is very important in the list of things not to do in Mauritius. This will help you avoid challenges and any hassle while on your trip.

4. Don’t Use Public Washrooms

The public toilers in Mauritius are not hygeneic and not cleaned properly. Hence, if you use the dirty toilets you have a high chance o contracting an infection or disease. Use the washrooms of well-established hotels or resorts. The bathrooms are also built in the Asian style. So some people would not be comfortable with squatting down in these Asian toilets. Hence, it is one of the things to not do in Mauritius.

5. Don’t Overlook The Sign Boards On The Beach

Mauritius beach
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The pristine white sandy beaches of Mauritius will most likely not want you to shift your gaze anywhere else. Do not get carried away and avoid overlooking the important information put up on the signboards on the beaches. You must pay attention to these signs as they are put up to ensure your safety at all times on the beach. The waters are often safe to venture into but some places are prone to experiencing high tides that we can not handle. Given the many numbers of beaches, this is one of the things not do in Mauritius.

Keep in mind the things not to do in Mauritius and have the time of your life! Check out our Mauritius Tour Packages for your next vacation and check out the exclusive Mauritius Honeymoon Packages.

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