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Paris,things not to do in Paris
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on May 16, 2018 Share on

The other side of Paris – Top 7 things NOT to do in Paris

Heading to Paris? Brilliant! While it has all the amazing places like the Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, The Eiffel Tower… DUH! and Jardin du Luxembourg, we thought we’d run through some quick highlights on the main things we all tend to miss when we are embarking on a trip to this beautiful French capital.

However, first things first, NEVER DO THIS IN PARIS 

Paris,things not to do in Paris
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Take a read below to know the things not to do in Paris to settle for a happy vacation break!

1. Having limited days for travelling

calendar,things not to do in Paris
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You might think the top places you want to visit will perfectly get wrapped up in the calculative amount of days you had in your mind. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Especially if you are a first timer who’s keen on venturing places on your own, make sure you add a day or two to your initial schedule and then book your return tickets.

2. Paying for Louvre

Louvre,things not to do in Paris
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If Louvre is on your list, make sure you don’t pay for the entry under the below-listed scenarios:

  • Your age is <= 18
  • You are visiting on July 14
  • You are visiting on the first Sunday of the month ( applicable between October – April)

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3. Carrying an invalid ticket

invalid ticket,things not to do in Paris
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If you have purchased a transport or city pass, do ensure the dates are correct with respect to the validity period. If you, by mistake, hop into a bus without carrying a valid ticket, the penalty you might face will be high. We wouldn’t want any kind of hassle during our trip, do we?

4. Paying for water

wallace fountains,things not to do in Paris
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Do not buy water bottles in Paris. Why pay for something that’s actually free? The Wallace Fountains can be spotted almost anywhere in Paris, where pure and fresh water can be collected in containers for drinking purposes. So do some roaming around the city and quench your travel thirst literally! Now don’t you honestly feel paying for water is one of the things not do in Paris?

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5. Not respecting the workers in shops and other places

locals,things not to do in Paris
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Respect should be given and taken. Pay adherence to the same and make sure you treat everyone with at-most regard. Get familiar with the regular terms like Bonjour and excusez-moi. 

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6. Availing cabs or renting cars

paris metro,things not to do in Paris
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As comfortable as it sounds to rent a car or availing cab services in a city like Paris, what you need to be aware is the fact, taking the public transport will serve to be the best option. Metro services are way too amazing in Paris, so pack only the essentials and roam the city by hopping in and out of metros. Low fares but high memories yo!

7. Forgetting to dine at Rue Montorgueil

Rue Montorgueil,things not to do in Paris
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You might think it’s just a dinner scene at Rue Montorgueil which you can pass. But NO! When in Les Halles district, do taste the lovely Italian dishes at Rue Montorgueil. The prices are nominal and the ambience will get you excited!

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Make use of the tips on the top things not to do in Paris and write back to us saying how epic your trip was!

With Love From Paris

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