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8 Top things to do while tiptoeing around Beechworth, Australia

Beechworth is situated in the North-East part of Victoria, Australia. With all other nearby towns having a new and urban look, Beechworth is still the same way as it was back in the days. Amazing, Isn’t it? With small homegrown wineries, national parks, B&B’s of the locals, experience what it is like to be a part of the town. Planning a vacation to Australia? Then yes, you must-visit Beechworth. Here are the Top 8 things to do while tiptoeing around Beechworth, Australia.

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Things to do in Beechworth

1. Visit the Telegraph Station

The telegraph station was built in 1858. It is one of the well-preserved buildings which make up for the Beechworth Historic & Cultural fame. The Telegraph Station is also a well-known home to the pioneering work of the early surveyors who planned the well laid out streetscape of Beechworth. Today, the building remains one of the busiest telegraph stations in the world, supported by the International Morse Code Fraternity.

2. Visit the Flame Trees

The flame trees are located at a quick 5 km spin down the Rail Trail from Beechworth towards Everton at the old Baarmutha railway station site. Alternatively, it is a short drive from downtown Diffey Road till the rail trail crossing and car parking.

Flame Tree
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This place is suitable for the entry-level rider as well as intermediate level riders as it is made up of a combination of rocks and multiple gradients. These rocks pose a challenge for the more accomplished riders when compared. On the way, there’s a small car parking area where Diffey Road crosses the Rail Trail which marks the trailhead. From there, watch the bollards that direct you on and off the rail trail as you descend to the right. More than that, there are no toilets or drinking water facilities. So come prepared as it is a 10km loop.

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3. Ride at Republic of Northeast Victoria

The Ride Republic of North East Victoria is a cycling business based on the Old Beechworth Gaol. The Republic of north east victoria is the perfect place to start and finish all of your rides with plenty of room to park your bike. Grab a quick coffee for refreshment to boost your energy level before you head off. The ‘republic’ is a place for riders, no matter which path you choose to take and no matter whether Dirt, mud or road. This place is located at Williams Street, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia. You can ride the train from 9 AM to 2 PM from Sunday to Friday as it remains closed on Saturdays.

4. Enjoy a picnic at the George Kerferd

Right at the heart of the Beechworth Gorge Scenic Drive is a unique summer picnic spot called the gorge. This place is located at Albert Road, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia. You can choose your own adventure to drive, cycle or walk till the bridge. Park your bikes or cars, and carefully make your way down to the smooth granite beds made by the pools and falls of Spring at the George.

Make sure you pack towels and cossies along with your picnic hamper. The mineral-rich waters of the swimming pools are not just for photographing but for experiencing the real adventures. Above all, please take cautions while moving in and around the pools.

5. Gravel and Backroad Cycle Tours

The Gravel Mob routes to the main roads and backroads are made to link the local towns and villages. This place is located at Old Beechworth Gaol, Williams Street, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia. This place remains open from 9 AM to 3 PM for seven days a week. Usage of road bikes is pretty much possible as they can easily go on gravel and even off-road. The self-guided Gravelmob has a range of self-guided day rides which go around Beechworth. It caters all types of riders and the experience is real fun! The routes located here showcase the excellent gravel riding.

6. Evenings at Lake Sambell

Lake Sambell is a short stroll from the centre of Beechworth and is a picturesque recreation reserve. It is also a popular venue for water and boating activities.

Lake Sambell
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It was originally the site of the Rocky Mountain Mining Company. In the late 1920s, this area was recreated into a recreational lake and reserve for the residents and visitors of Beechworth. This place is located at Caravan Park, no.20, Peach Drive, Beechworth, VIC, Australia 3747.

7. Visit the Woolshed Falls

This place is located in the Chiltern Mount, Pilot National Park. It is a popular destination for nature lovers and history buffs to visit and enjoy the historic heritage of the woolshed falls. This area was once the centre of one of the richest goldfields in Australia. Well, that’s amazing, right?

The woolshed falls are a ten-minute drive in the direction of north from Beechworth, where we can view the cascading falls and enjoy a leisurely picnic or take a self-guided walk around the alluvial gold workings to experience it. Reach the observation deck and enjoy various views to falls, valleys below, which are particularly spectacular. Ensure that you take extra care of the rocks as they are slippery and kids should not be left unsupervised in this area.

8. Beechworth Chinese Gardens

During the late 1850s, the gold rush saw many Chinese nationals move towards Beechworth seeking their fortune in this place. The Beechworth Chinese Gardens were created to celebrate and honour Beechworth’s rich Chinese heritage and history.

Chinese Gardens
Image Source: Unsplash

The Chinese gardens are designed using Feng Shui principles. Above all, the Chinese Gardens feature a series of ponds and extensive plantings. This place is located at 100 Ford Street, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia. Enjoy your day at this well-maintained park.

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