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Things to do in Bishnupur
Written by Rahul on August 1, 2020 Share on

Things to do in Bishnupur – Explore the land famous for Terracotta temple

A land enriched with many beautiful things is what you call as incredible India. This is a spiritually, culturally and naturally rich land which has many stones unturned. It is that rich in its content and should be celebrated by each and every traveller, in this enchanted land. It is very beautiful and very aesthetic Bishnupur. Not many would know about this place in India, but it is one of the most beautiful places in India with its own uniqueness. So this article will help you with where to start exploring this city. So here are the things to do in Bishnupur.

The beautiful West Bengal
Image Credits: Photo by Arunava on Unsplash

Things to do in Bishnupur

This is a city which is 201 km away from the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkatta. West Bengal, a state sandwiched between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal is itself an aesthetic state. In this beautiful state is the city of Bishnupur. There are many places in this not much-visited city to be explored and to be awed at. But for a first-timer at this city, this article will help you with where to start and where to end. Also, this article will educate you on what to and what not to expect from this amazing city. So here are the things to do in Bishnupur.

Radhamadhab temple at Bishnupur
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Lalji Temple:

Built by the Malla king Bir Singha, it is one of the most famous places to visit while in Bishnupur. This temple has the idols of Radha-Krishna with Bengali staccato ornaments. The front of the temple is ornamented by a beautiful dancing hall. This temple is one of the best and fine Bengali architectures. A temple like this should never be missed out from your itinerary. This is one of the best things to do in Bishnupur.

Lalji temple, Bishnupur
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Taking a temple tour:

Known as the temple town of West Bengal, Bishnupur is a place that should be visited for the wonderful architecture of its temples. One very wonderful thing about the temples in this town is that many of the temples are of red terracotta. These temples are some of the best reflections of the best Bengali architecture. With beautiful interiors and the grand facades, these temples are some of the most beautiful things in this town. Out of these temples, the best ones that you will instantly fall in love with are Jor Bangla, Madan Mohan and Shyam Rai.

Temples of Bishnupur
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This is one of the most important structures to be visited in Bishnupur. This is the oldest brick structure in Bishnupur. Being built in 1587, Rasmanch is in the centre of the city. This is an architecture which is one of its kind in the whole of West Bengal. It is a Pyramid like shaped structure and it is still a spectacular sight for many travellers travelling to this town. This unique architectural monument is surely a must-visit for all the travellers visiting Bishnupur.

Rasmanch, Bishnupur
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Tasting of Local Cuisine:

The local cuisines found in this town of Bishnupur are very unique and the mere smell of it will make your mouth drool. These will surely relish your taste buds once you dig into the local cuisine of Bishnupur. The famous Posto-r Bora is something that you should try. It is a snack that is made out of Poppy seeds. Also, you should try their local and vegetable chops. Apart from this try visiting the local food stalls found in the town as these will give you an original taste of Bengal food. Never miss out on that.

Posto-r Bora, Local snack of Bishnupur
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Baluchari Sarees are one of the most famous types of sarees that make travellers travel to this town in West Bengal. Known for their beautiful motifs, The Baluchari Sarees are Woven in looms. Other than this try visiting the local markets for some of the famous handicrafts which will definitely raise your interest level. Coming back you will definitely have bags filled with great things that you will not regret buying. Try out the local shopping while in Bishnupur.

Baluchari Sarees, Bishnupur
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Susunia Pahar:

A short drive from the beautiful city of Bishnupur is the hill district of Susunia. Known majorly for its beautiful landscapes and the most famous hot springs, it sides with the eastern ghats. This hill district will definitely not disappoint you a bit as the laidback charm od this place is a major crowd puller. Also the Dokra craftsman there will intrigue you into buying the famous handicrafts from the local shops. This is a compulsory trip that you should take once you are in Bishnupur.

Susunia Pahar, West Bengal
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