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A beach in England
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Top 8 things to do in the city of Bournemouth, England

England is a beautiful place to visit with your family and loved ones. The country has got amazing cities that have beautiful countryside view with award-winning beaches. There are many cities in England that leave you with jaw-dropping experiences and adventurous experiences. One such city is Bournemouth. Located in coastal lines of England is the city called Bournemouth. Famous for its sandy beaches and coastal views, take some long walks on the white sand beaches and enjoy some breathtaking views from the cliffs. The city of Bournemouth is a crown to the people of Britain. While at Bournemouth, make sure to flavour the local cuisines at cafes and bistros. The place has got some brilliant vegan dishes on their menu making it amazing for people who enjoy different kinds of meals. The charming town is not liked by many at first sight but people slowly fall in love with the surroundings. 

View from Cliff
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Things to do while in Bournemouth

1. Lower Gardens

Garden in England
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Situated near the shopping centre in Bournemouth is a beautiful garden known as Lower Gardens. Planted with colourful flowers of different textures and fragrance, the garden is truly charming. The garden has got plenty of attractions and activities to keep the visitors engaged throughout their time there. One can visit the art exhibition that happens during the summer or take part in the music event at the Pine Walk or go golfing at the nearby mini-golf course. This garden sure knows to keep one occupied. 

2. Frieda’s Tea Bus

Go on a comfortable trip along the coastlines of Bournemouth as you sip a traditional English tea with some cookies and snacks. Frieda’s Tea Bus takes the travellers on a bus ride through the city showing the iconic landmarks along with an afternoon tea and fantastic varieties of cookies and cakes purely homemade. 

3. Isle of Purbeck

The land of England has got its own Jurassic Forest. Purbeck is a beautiful countryside in the region of Dorset. The place consists of several small villages grouped together with many iconic/historical monuments that keep one engaged. The isle of Purbeck refers to a group of islands near Purbeck and Sandbanks. Go on a beautiful day trip exploring the lands filled with secluded dunes and beaches. Visit the Corfe Castle and Langton Matravers that represent brilliant architecture. The beauty of the island can be seen only inside a true nature lover. While there, try your hands in treasure hunting and find some ancient objects tucked in deep. 

4. Library of Liquor

Alcohol or liquor
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A hidden space that an institution on its own is the Library of Liquor. Tucked away in the streets of Bournemouth, is the city’s favourite restaurant, that serves innovative dishes and drinks. On the upstairs is where you’ll find the true meaning to the restaurant’s name. The place is stocked up with cocktails and vintage drinks that only a very few know how to prepare. Luckily the bar is open for the public with a wide range of cocktail menu. Open from Wednesday to Saturday between 6 PM – 11 PM, the place can be said to be an alcohol lover’s dream.

5. Russell Cotes Art Gallery

One of the most fascinating places to visit in England is the Russell Cotes Gallery. The gallery is home to Victorian collectors, the gallery exhibits arts, paintings and artefacts of Sir Merton and Lady Annie Russell Cotes. The gallery has its own walking tours for visitors making it easy for all visitors to know more about the art in depth. The gallery is actually a sea-facing villa that was a gift to Annie Russel Cotes from Merton. With a tiny touch of fantasy, the lavish gift was later turned into a work of art displaying the arts created by the couple. 

6. Hengistbury Head Beach

A place filled with scrubs, grassland, and freshwater is Hengistbury Beach. Being one of the most important geological and archaeology areas, it is home to 500 plus plants, birds, insects, mammals and reptiles. The place is also home to one of Britain’s rarest creature natterjack toads. With millions of years into existence, the place holds years and years of secret over geological formations and human lives that inhabited this small area near the beach. Not sure on what to do here, head to the Visitor’s centre and find out the nearest trails that you could go on to while away your time. 

7. Mighty Adventures Crazy Golf

Golf Course
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The British love their sports. Be it any kind of sport, they play with full energy. Visit the mighty golf course with dinosaur dummies placed here and there. The golf course has 18 mini holes near these dummies. Swing, slice and cut your club and save the mighty kingdom by pocketing the balls to the right holes. The place is suitable for all age groups and guarantees full time for the whole family. The place is open all days a week between 9 AM – 8 PM on weekdays and 9 AM – 9 PM during the weekends. 

8. MacGuffin Project

The MacGuffin project refers to an escape room created for pure fun. Over the years, the MacGuffin carnival is long forgotten yet a beautiful in the dark kind of a festival. Not to let go off the tradition, The MacGuffin Project is created to replicate the fun one gets while attending the event/carnival. The Escape room allows 3-6 people to solve mysteries and puzzles and allows them to work as a team and overcome the challenges based on riddles. Located in the town of Bournemouth, this escape room is suitable for all types of people whether it is a group of friends or family. One has to be at least 12 years to take part in this escape room. 

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