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10 Best Things to Do in Bridlington (Yorkshire, England)

Superb clean beaches, an abundance of history, sports fun, independent shops, fantastic entertainment and fantastic nature. Bridlington has something to offer for everyone. Pre-Roman harbour and the characterful Old Town are the best things to do in Bridlington for any history buff. And home to the beautiful Augustinian Priory, the Bayle Museum and the Harbor Heritage Museum.

A Victorian family resort, Bridlington took over as an escape for industrial workers in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the 19th century.

The old-fashioned attractions of an English coastal town are all here, such as promenades, a ballroom, theatre, ice cream parlour, tea shops and shops selling rock candy and buckets and spades.

Further dating is the medieval priests of Bridlington, which got change into a parish church in the 16th century, and the harbour, which is still a small fleet in shellfish from the North Sea.

Bridlington has a cosy Old Town, and chalk cliffs on Flamborough Head to the north are a nesting site for bird species such as puffins and gannets. There is ample of things to do in Bridlington

Let’s talk about the 10 best things to do in Bridlington:

  1. Bridlington Harbour
  2. Bridlington Old Town
  3. South Beach, Bridlington
  4. Sewerby Hall and Gardens
  5. Bridlington Priory Church
  6. Flamborough Head Lighthouse
  7. RSPB Bempton Cliffs
  8. Flamborough Head
  9. Bridlington Spa
  10. North Landing Beach

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1. Bridlington Harbour

Bridlington Harbour
Photo By:-Wikipedia

Still a functioning fishing harbour, Bridlington Harbor is a real piece of North Sea life, where you can view the waves smash against the piers and see the trolleys unload their daily catches of shellfish on the quail.

They are destined for Spain, France and Italy because the locals sell it. On Harbor Road, there is a consecutive row of fish and chip shops, ice cream shops, seafood eateries and gift centres, as well as odd stands selling fresh crab from the North Seas.

Come here to visit the beloved Yorkshire Belle’s Bridlington Bay. And it always tops the best things to do in Bridlington.

2. Bridlington Old Town

Bridlington Old Town
Photo By:-Wikipedia

Bridlington occupies its prettiest location in the medieval core with High Street and the restored Market Place around a mile from the waterway. This Old town is considered one of the best things to do in Bridlington.

The High Street is a fantastic delight, creating between tall Georgian homes with bay windows, craft shops, pubs, galleries and tea rooms.

Georgian tea places are an excellent place for a spot of indulgence.

The Market Place is also grand, since 1826 by beautiful buildings, such as the Corn Exchange House. You can grab a free sheet from the Tourist Information Center, which will take you onward the Old Town Trail to view the best bits.

3. South Beach, Bridlington

Bridlington South Beach
Photo By:-Wikipedia

Bridlington is at the north of South Beach Harbor and is gently downstream from the coast for a mile.

Also, there is a 40-mile beach on the south from the Spurn National Nature Reserve on the Humber Estuary.

But in Bridlington, a wide sandy beach requires just a hot summer day, cooled by a gust of wind from the northern sea.

You will see sand on the track for a walk, with deck chairs and beach chalets for rent, while for some there is a land train and paddling pool.

If you value peace and location, walk south to leave the resort only a hundred meters away.

4. Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Sewerby Hall and Gardens
Photo By:-Wikipedia

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This picture-complete early Georgian house dates mostly to 1714 and occupies 50 acres of manicured gardens. This beautiful place gives you immense pleasure to cover one of the best things in Bridlington.

The interior gets a new look in its Edwardian form in the early 20th century. It has a room dedicated to Amy Johnson, the leading aviator who officially opened the house to the public in 1936. The journey takes place at 11 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. : All 30 through summer.

The grounds have a zoo with mostly domestic animals, but some exotic species such as capuchin monkeys, Peggy goats, lamas and Humboldt penguins.

5. Bridlington Priory Church

Bridlington Priory Church
Photo By:-Wikipedia

The city’s parish church was founded in 1113 as an Augustinian priest, which grew in importance over the next 400 years and the land owned by Yorkshire was at its peak.

Priests were also fortified along the walls after a clash between King Stephen and Queen Matilda later in the 12th century.

The priesthood was closed in 1538 during the dissolution of the monasteries, and the last remaining structure, the nave, became the church of a parish.

The rest of the church gets a new design in the 19th century under the command of Sir George Gilbert Scott, Victorian England’s busiest restorer.

You can see Architectural sections of old monastic buildings from inside, such as three Romanesque arches from cloisters.

6. Flamborough Head Lighthouse

Flamborough Head Lighthouse
Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay 

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At the eastern end of Flamborough Head is the lighthouse, guiding maritime traffic since 1806 along the treacherous coast between Bridlington and Scarborough. Flamborough Head had a lighthouse keeper until the first of 1996. Now fully automated, the signal range is 24 miles, and in summer you can see the visitor centre and travel 20 minutes to the top of the tower.

Another first chalk tower in 1669 is officially the oldest intact lighthouse in England.

Famous as the Light Tower, it was raised after more than 170 ships were wrecked on this length of coast in more than 40 years. The most visited place and one of the best things to do in Bridlington.

7. RSPB Bempton Cliffs

RSPB Bempton Cliffs
Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

Small cracks appear on the rock face along with the Rock Flabbor Head, where all type of flying creatures guillemots, razorbills, gannets, puffins, fulmars, and kittiwakes make their nests.

The rocks west of the headland have named on a nature sanctuary to give the Protection to the Birds (RSPB). This one place is home to 10% of the entire UK population.

Some 500,000 birds congregate here during the nesting season between March and October, and there is an RSPB guest centre describing each variety.

You can always rent binoculars from the centre and participate in a guided bird-spotting hike.

You can see Bampton Cliff from the historic pleasure boat of Yorkshire Belle, Bridlington.

8. Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head
Photo By Pixabay

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Sewerby is the gateway to a striking provincial, which is eight miles long and majestic with high chalk rocks, from land or sea.

The headland and swaths of the inner countryside have been preserved as a natural reserve, the Flamborough Headland Heritage Coast.

Rocks are ecologically important as nesting sites for thousands of people from the sea, which we will talk about in further detail.

When the wave is out, you can go down to the base of the rocks next to the lighthouse to explore rockpool and take in a photogenic view of these white layered walls.

9. Bridlington Spa

A ballroom, theatre and gallery in a complex, Bridlington Spa (1896) dominates the South Beach from the Spa Promenade.

Two fires in 1906 and 1932 drove out the earliest structures, in addition to elements from the Edwardian Opera House, dating back to 1907 to survive in the Spa Theater.

After that second fire, Bridlington Spa gets the reorganisation with the current Art Deco design, and the entire building went through a significant restoration a decade ago.

The Royal Hall, which was initially used as a ballroom, has become a major live music venue, and stadium rock bands such as Oasis, Kasabian and Last Shadow Puppets have leveraged its 3800 volume.

On a regular evening you can see what’s in the 675-seater Spa Theater, the books that travel to music and plays: Madagascar The Musical, Fame and Blood Brothers were all on the summer schedules.

10. North Landing Beach

North Landing Beach
Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay 

Part of the rocks in this sand and pebble cove, on the north side of Flamborough Head, and it is a really beautiful place and one of the best things to do in Bridlington.

The cliff-topped view on the beach is very enchanting, and at low tide, you can head down to the beach to look back at the chalk walls and do rock-pooling.

On a hot, sunny day, clear water and grassy rocks are more like the north of Spain than the north of England.

On the slope behind the beach is a short passage of fishing boats and a small fleet.

When the tide is out, they are pulled to the beach with a caterpillar.

Get ready to experience the landscape and countryside of England’s beautiful city of “Bridlington”. Discover the best things with the help of the list above to highlight the impressive charm. Finally, Bridlington has magnificent beauty to explore. So, book your UK packages, create your UK customised itinerary with our travel advisors to explore Europe and United Kingdom and pick up the best things for a fantastic experience. Leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options! and do visit us on

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