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Dover Kent
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What to do in Dover: Here are the 13 fun things you have to do in Dover

This coastal town is not just famous for its majestic waters, Dover is a historically important city in South East England. Dover is about 80 miles from London, which should not take more than a couple of hours. This town is one of the closest points to France, in the United Kingdom. The main attraction of Dover is its lovely coastlines which have stunning views of the English channel. With its variety of attractions and things to do Dover will definitely keep you busy. The town is proud of its rich history and heritage. Wondering what are the fun things to do in Dover? let’s look at the 13 best things you can do in Dover.

1. Visit the White Cliffs of Dover

If you are crossing the English channel, the great white cliffs of Dover would probably your first sight of the UK. These white chalk cliffs hold a huge place in England’s history during wartime, it has tunnels built beneath as an artillery battery. There are designated hiking and cycling trails and tours as well. This location appears a lot in English literature as well, most notably in Shakespeare’s King Lear. This is one of the main attraction in Dover and offers the best view of the Channel as well.

White Cliffs of Dover
Image Source: Unsplash

2. South Foreland Lighthouse

Located on the White Cliffs, the South Foreland Lighthouse is a majestic building built in the early 1800s. This lighthouse has many stories to tell and it is one of the most famous lighthouses in history. It is said that the view is so good, that on a very clear day you might see France which is on the other side of the English Channel. Inside the lighthouse, you can see how they actually used to operate it, which is pretty cool. Also, this is the first lighthouse in the entire world to use electric light, you can walk around it and have a nice time in the ocean breeze.

South Foreland Lighthouse Dover
Image Source: Unsplash

3. Aquatic activities in Dover

The shores have calmer water and Dover offers great activities to do in it. Sea Safari is highly recommended here as there are varieties tours you can choose from. You will be taken to the ocean on a speedboat or a catamaran which is a wonderful experience. There is some designated swimming area as well, where you can swim in the English Channel. This does not require any special training. Kayaking is another popular and exciting water activity in Dover. This is ideal for thrill-seekers as you can learn more about Kayaking, paddleboarding etc and even take guided kayaking tour along the coastline.

4. Exploring Dover Castle

Dover Castle is one of the most famous and oldest castles in the UK. This gigantic castle has always been on the forefront in wars and was used for different purposes throughout history. Set above the White Cliffs, the Dover Castle is over 2000 years old and stands tall as a national icon. This is the place be for history lovers, as it takes you through a journey in time. It is better to have a guide with you so that it will be much easier to understand the importance and place of this castle in England’s history. There are secret tunnels built into the castle during World War 2 to keep British soldiers safe. Also, Dover was heavily destroyed during the War and the castle was used as the British Army’s strategic location. The Dove Castle should not be missed when visiting Dover.

Dover Castle
Image Source: Google Images

5. Visiting Dover Museum

Dover Museum is home to important artefact dating back thousands of years. Museum was heavily damaged due to the bombing in World War 2, but it is a favourite spot for visitors as it is a very rare collection. This is the best place to learn about the history of the small town. Dover Museum is located right in the market square and it is a must-see spot in Dover.

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6. Incredible St. Margaret’s Bay

This is located North of Dover and has an unreal view of the sea. St. Margaret’s Bay is an Excellent location photographer with the cliff and the bay offers charming frames. There is also a beach here, so don’t forget to pack your swimwear as well. The pebble beach and its waters are ideal for swimming, kayaking and even windsurfing as well.

7. History of Roman Painted House

This mansion was built has been around for more than 1500 years and is a rare Roman Period House in England. The purpose of the building was to accommodate travellers coming and going across the English Channel. Also, this is where you can learn about the history of Roman life in Dover. This is also home to authentic Roman paintings that go back hundreds of years and also has an elaborate heating system beneath the floor. All of this built centuries ago.

8. Picnic at Samphire Hoe

Samphire Hoe Country Park was is ideal for a fun picnic, you can also do walking and cycling as well. Bird watching is one of the primary activity in the park. There are many great picnic spots to enjoy a pleasant leisure day with family and kids. The Samphire Hoe Park is built using the chalk dugout for the Channel Tunnel, which is for the Eurostar train that connects London to Paris.

9. Pine Gardens of St. Margarets Bay

Pine Gardens has a lake, organic garden, exotic fruits and vegetables and a small museum too. There is also a Pine Calyx, an eco-friendly conference building made in a traditional way. The whole garden is fully organic and is maintained well, without any chemical interference anywhere. Make sure you see the St.Margaret’s Museum opposite to the garden entrance, which has some very interesting WW2 exhibits and costumes.

10. Louis Bleriot Memorial

This is a homage in memory of Louis Bleriot who is the First Man to fly across the English Channel. Bleriot’s memorial is built on the same location where his flight landed in Dover. A granite plaque memorial in the shape of the aircraft he used at the exact spot the flight had landed, clearly is a fitting remembrance of an incredible achievement.

Louis Bleriot Memorial
Image Source:

11. Dover Transport Museum

The Transport Museum is an ideal location for kids and family. This museum showcases the history of transportation from cars, trains and buses etc. This is a unique museum in all of Kent and exciting to see the evolution of our different mode of transports. This museum also has a model railway too.

12. Fan Bay Deep Shelter

Dover was in the forefront for England n the Second World War, this strategically located town was the place where the British Army camped and stored their artillery. British soldiers had to find a way to stay safe and fight back at the same time. That is the reason why they have built this complex tunnel system which not only protected from enemy bombing but also provided storage, medical facilities etc. It is very difficult to imagine the stories of what happened in these tunnels, which makes it an absolutely unmissable location in Dover.

13. Kearsney Abbey and Russel Gardens

Tucked in the north of Dover, Kearsney Abbey and Russel Gardens is a breath of fresh air from the city’s noise. Kearnsey Park has a lake and you can spend a relaxing day here. The greenery cools your mind at making you peaceful, also it has varieties of plants and trees, all kinds of birds and other animals running about making it the best location in Dover to chill and just have a simple day off.

Dover is an exciting town with plenty to see and experience. The city’s rich history and the unique landscape itself is a major attraction. Eager to experience the best of Dover? Plan your vacation to the United Kingdom with Pickyourtrail. Check out the Pickyourtrail website for more on packages to the UK and how to customize your vacation. Pickyourtrail app is a one-stop solution to all your travel queries. Also, you can directly connect with our travel experts through Whatsapp as well.

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