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Exeter City
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on August 5, 2020 Share on

Top things to do in Exeter while being all touristy

Exeter in England is an ancient city located near the River Exe in southwest England. It was voted as the Clown Town of the year in 2014. There are several things you can do in the city. People all over the world come to visit this place year in and year out. Now that the city is evolving, it is on the way to becoming a miniature Bristol in the mere future. There is a historic quayside which is restored perfectly and a lot of cool cafes around the city making it a Western Country. Below is a list of places where can you can eat, drink, shop. Enjoy sightseeing around these places when you are there in the city. Here are the top things to do in Exeter.

Top things to do in Exeter

1. Sip a coffee at the Exe Coffee Roasters

This might look like a small place, but it is the first roastery in Exeter. If you are travelling to Exeter, it is a must-visit if you are aware of your Aeropress from your Chemex. Steve Pearson owns this place and he has been a great fixture on the Exeter’s coffee scene for years. With a lifetime experience in his seasonal espresso blend and single origin coffees selection, he prepares perfect coffee in his cafe. You will be lucky enough to get a spot here only if you book way in advance.

2. Explore the tunnels

The 400m warren passage was built in the 14th century. It was officially designed to bring fresh drinking water into medieval Exeter. Now, if you’d like to have a spooky experience, join a guided tour that happens all day. If you’re thinking of why you have to explore this tunnel in the first place, I’ll tell you why. This is the only tunnel system in the UK which can be explored by tourists. Additionally, exploring around the tunnel is a great introduction to the history of the city. Snoop through the passages and you can find everything starting from the Civil War remains to history about the cholera outbreak.

Image Source: Flickr

3. Relish South West’s best burgers

Feeling hungry during your visit? Then take a bite at the Hubbox. It is the best thing that we would recommend you to do. This burger joint is the home to the best burgers in the south-west. Hubbox’s patties are served in brioche buns that are baked out of a brick and neon space on Sidwell Street. Did you know, they have also bragged many awards? It is a place where the vegans can also enjoy really good burgers. In Hubbox, they source everything locally. From 21 day dry-aged Cornish rare breed beef in their burgers to the special oak-smoked pork in the hot dogs. Mouth-watering isn’t? Hubbox is a must-try.

4. Wander around Exeter Quay

And yes, wandering around the quay-side can be fun. The wool warehouses of the past are now home to many antique boutiques. Watering holes, yesteryear live music venues are remodelled as the Exeter Cookery School.

Streets of Exeter
Image Source: Flickr

The Exeter Quay holds a lovely spot for a drink in the sunshine. It also is a great jumping-off point for boat rides. Go on a wildlife watching trip to Exmouth on a boat ride. Or choose the hand-operated Butts Ferry and enjoy its flat bottoms.

5. Grab a pint at the Victorian Old Pub

The Fat Pig is an old Victorian Pub and is an Exeter legend. The place functions as a brewery, distillery and a smokehouse with a steampunk vibe. The bar produces gin, rum and vodka. In addition, they have a beautiful selection of ales.

While wandering in the market for brunch, be it Sunday roast or just a quiet pint, The Fat Pig will give you the right thing you need. If you are planning to get some classic cocktails and boutique gins, then try Sister bars Tabac and the Sample Room respectively.

6. Donate a brick at the magnificient Exeter Cathedral

Since the twelfth century, Exeter’s magnificent cathedral remains as the the spiritual heart of the city. It is full of treasure, starting from the Gothic vaulting to the gilded ceilings. The Second Folio edition of Shakespeare plays in the library.

Cathedral of Exeter
Image Source: Unsplash

Love architecture? then this is the place for you to visit. You really don’t need to be religious to enjoy this place. When you are here, never forget to visit the 300,000 brick scale Lego model that is constructed live before you. Also, donate a Euro and invove yourselves in the construction.

7. Bake a cake at the Exploding Bakery

Feeling like having a break ? This is the right place for you to take a cake break. The most famous bakery of Exeter City called the Exploding Bakery is extremely popular because it the bakes the best. From sour cherry to slices of pistachio to the tastiest brownies, they are the best. They have now added more tables that means that there is even more space to sample their delicacies. Taste the handmade sourdough cheese toasties with sauerkraut, sausage rolls and filled croissants. If you have a sweet tooth and wish to have some good food, a selection of small-batch coffees with a suitable playlist, what else can we expect? After falling in love with the taste of this place you will definitely consider moving into the country just so you can become a regular.

If you are that person who admires the medieval period, wants to know more history, head to the city of Exeter in England. Visit Pickyourtrail website to check out different packages available for England. Need more? How about customizing your European vacation as you please just by getting on a call with us? Leave us a Whatsapp message and we will get back to you shortly.

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