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Best things to do in Hackney
Written by Nigilesh on July 24, 2020 Share on

10 Best Things to Do in Hackney (London Boroughs, England) in 2021

The city of Hackney in the London Borough is the hub where youth and hipster gangs hangout. It is considered to be one of the coolest cities in the London Borough. The place started appearing in the mainstream travel industry after 2012. This is due to the renovation of the city after the London Olympics in 2012. Since then the city has grown a huge number of travellers in recent years. The travellers around the world are attracted to the vibrant nightlife that exists in this place due to the abundance of the youth population. Without further due let’s dive right into the list of things to do in Hackney.


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Top 10 Things to Do in Hackney

  • The London Fields
  • Mama Shelter London
  • Hackney City Farm
  • The Broadway Market
  • London Fields Lido
  • Vintage Shopping
  • Hackney Empire
  • Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities
  • Violet Bakery
  • Regent’s Canal

1. The London Fields

London Fields
Source: Google Images

London Fields extends from Broadway Market north to Hackney Central, extending across a wide area of Hackney. Though the park is frequently visited across the year, it attains peak particularly during the sunshine days of London. During the course of the day, people cover the lawn, feed and drink and sunbathe. Saturdays, collect food or barbecue on one of the local restaurants from the Broadway Market. A picnic to this beautiful park would be one of the most relaxing and best things to do in Hackney.

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2. Mama Shelter London

Hip Hotel brand Mama Shelter was opened in London recently. This managed to bring a lively municipal restaurant, which provides the part of the city with an affordable, fun food option. There is also a bar with an outdoor patio, and normally you will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at this wonderful spot (massive kebabs are strongly advisable). Following dinner, book an unforgettable surprise in East London in one of the two karaoke halls in the basement and is one of the top things to do in Hackney.

3. Hackney City Farm

Who doesn’t love beautiful animals? Hackney City Farm brings rural life to the city even though you may not imagine central London to house a functioning farm. It is accessible to the public from Tuesday to Sunday and provides free access to people wanting to meet goats, cattle and pigs. There is also a lawn and a veranda and the farm is home to various weekly activities and conferences. Visiting the city farm could be one of the productive things to do in Hackney as you can understand the whole process of cattle farming.

The farm’s Get Loose Foods, open multiple days a week, and encourage guests to take home their eggs, vegetables, cheese and more. From 10:30 am on Saturdays. Children can volunteer along with the farmers club to have a closer look at the animals.

4. The Broadway Market

Each Saturday, from 9:00 a.m., the Broadway Market invites residents and tourists into its countless booths, selling street food and vinyl garments and is one of the best things to do in Hackney. It is the ideal place to have lunch quick and easy (or seated eat in London’s neighbourhood) or to enjoy brunch and lunch in the eateries along the Broadway. Don’t forget to search for The Frenchie, the one that sells candy duck burgers. 

5. London Fields Lido

London Fields Lido
Source: Google Images

The London Fields Lido is open throughout the year and is a 50-meter Olympic pool warmed for use during cooler months. The pool has basking in the sun zone (when the sun comes out, of course), which provides lane swimming, as well as swimming classes for both adults and kids. Coffee, snacks and drinks are also available. In order to help the line beat, visitors can even book a swimming ticket online in advance. Before going to the pool, kindly verify the operating times. This is one of the best recreational things to do in Hackney.

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6. Vintage Shopping

Hackney is recognized in the area for its numerous antique stores. The Paper Doll Antique shop which also hosts activities is some of the most famous shops, and Arch 389 which sell furniture and clothing from an overground railway arch is one of the best places to shop and is one of the top things to do in Hackney. A more good spot to wash, the Business Alliance sells clothing for sale on its overfüllt racks from the fifties to the eighties. Hackney also has numerous retail stores, including the huge Burberry Store, where you can buy a classic drench at a discounted price if you’ve had enough of bargaining.

7. Hackney Empire

Hackney Empire
Source: Google Images

Originally, in 1901 the Hackney Empire was established as a music venue and today it is still a popular location in the city. The theatre, from improv plays and live concerts and special occasions and lectures, provides an ideal option to the more lavish performances in the West End. Don’t skip the nearest Empire Restaurant, where food and beverages are served. The Hackney Empire believes bag screening procedures for bigger items in the hotel is the safest approach. This should surely be one of the most entertaining things to do in Hackney.

8. Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

Those of you, who are easily shocked should be cautious. For a glimpse, there is a small compilation of oddities, from dodo bone fragments to multiple-headed kitten in the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, visiting which is one of the best things to do in Hackney. There is also a cocktail bar in the museum, called “The World’s Most fascinating Cocktail Bar,” where guests can enjoy their drink under the watch. Make sure you book tickets in advance, particularly when you are visiting a Saturday, the busiest day in the museum. After 5 p.m. children may be permitted, but parents will be warned of the absence of such products for little eyes.

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9. Violet Bakery

Even before Chef Pastry Claire Ptak hit the news for making Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake, in East London she gained a reputation for herself by preparing a few of the finest pastries and desserts. Plenty of people shop at the Hackney Central Station’s Violet Bakery, just a quick walk from there, as it one of the best things to do in Hackney. It’s a small, intimate store with a couple of tables.

10. Regent’s Canal

Regent's Canal
Source: Google Images

The Regent Canal broadens throughout London, but Hackney is one of the most scenic stretches. There is a lot of entry to the canal towpath, which offers peaceful views to walkers, runners and cyclists. Drop at one of the cafes or restaurants on the waterfront for a break for it is one of the best things to do in Hackney. OMBRA offers food and drinks outside Cambridge Heath Lane, (perfect in the summer for Aperol Spritz). Guests may also catch a canoe or rent a car at The Milk Float. It is a floating restaurant. You can also get to see a cow-themed coffee shop while you are on a trip around the river.


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