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Liverpool city centre
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Big city life: Best things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of Britain’s most diverse and lively cities. It is hugely popular for its football club, but there is so much above and beyond to look out in this coastal city. There are things to do in Liverpool for all age groups.

Culturally and historically Liverpool being a port town was at the centre of the industrial revolution. Also, the city is known for its musical flavours. Famous bands like the Beatles and the Who have their roots here. The city got the nickname ‘Cultural capital of England’ for the numerous heritage and traditional sites and a place to witness the cherished English way of life.

Liverpool in the United Kingdom has a vibrant nightlife and food culture too – don’t miss out on that. Apart from the usual sightseeing, there are a lot of unique things to do in Liverpool. We have curated them here so that you don’t miss out on the sights and sounds of this beautiful city if you are around.

  1. Visit the Chinatown.
  2. Take a trip to Merseyside Maritime Museum.
  3. Check out the Liverpool Cathedral.
  4. Witness the Beatles story in Liverpool.
  5. Visit the Spaceport in Liverpool.
  6. Take a stroll along the Albert docks.
  7. Witness the Liverpool FC photo wall.
  8. Check out the Street Art, Liverpool.
  9. Visit St. George Quarter in Liverpool.
  10. Check out the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

1. Visit the Chinatown

Scenes in Chinatown, Liverpool
Credits: Google Images

The oldest Chinese settlement outside the mainland, a visit to Chinatown in Liverpool will teleport you to the streets of Shanghai. The locals here still follow the century-old oriental culture which you can witness as you stroll it’s colourfully decorated roads with paper lanterns hanging. A definite must-do for every food lover, get to try and sample some authentic oriental cuisines with a British twist. Also, if you are around at the time of Chinese new year, witness the whole town lighted up in colours and catch the spirit of festivities.

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2. Take a trip to Merseyside Maritime Museum

A model ship display at the Maritime museum
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Surely a must-do among things to do in Liverpool, the Merseyside museum boasts of an impressive collection of artefacts. The collection is mainly focussed around maritime artefacts from the time of industrial revolution. You can get to learn the history of settlement and emigration as Liverpool was a major port used during American imperial history. Also, there is a special section on the history of the famous ‘Titanic ship’ which was registered and commissioned in Liverpool.

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3. Check out the Liverpool Cathedral

Imposing Liverpool cathedral
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Originally built-in 1904, this cathedral boasts of being the longest in the world. The facade of the masterpiece was changed quite a time since its inception. Designed by Giles Gilbert Scott this magnificent structure is also one of the tallest cathedrals in the world. Definitely a must-visit for all, the visit is also free of charge making it a must-do among things to do in Liverpool.


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4. Witness the Beatles story in Liverpool

Entrance to the Beatles story
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A must-do among things to do in Liverpool for all music fans, the Beatles story will give you an insight into the most successful rock and roll phenomenon in the world. It is an exhibition commemorating major milestone of the band members and events surrounding them. Get to see some priceless memorabilia like Mc Cartney’s first guitar or Lennon’s round classes among the many unique collections.

5. Visit the Spaceport in Liverpool

View of the cosmos
Credits: Google Images

An attractive activity for kids and space enthusiasts, a trip to Spaceport combines learning with some fun-filled activities. This attraction features life-size interactive models of our solar system and planets. Also, indulge in an ‘interactive zone’ where you get to explore gravity and also the cosmic effects created by stars and black holes. To top it up, end your trip with a show studded by stars (literally!) in the planetarium.

6. Take a stroll along the Albert docks

Liverpool docks view
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A heritage site now, Royal Albert docks was one of the most technologically advanced port during the time of industrial revolution. It was the heart of the historic waterfront and used iron instead of bricks for construction. The Promenade area is a mix of old and new contemporary pubs and open-air cafes. You can look forward to an evening stroll across the well-kept piers.

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7. Witness the Liverpool FC photo wall

Locker room at Anfield
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

For the ardent football fanatics, visiting Liverpool FC is top listed among things to do in Liverpool. Go for a behind-the-scene stadium tour in Anfield which will enlighten you about the history and spirit of this highly successful football club. Also, you will get to visit the locker rooms and wall of fame showcasing the club’s glorious history. Finish your trip by opting for a meal on the grounds as you take in the view of the stadium.


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8. Check out the Street Art, Liverpool

Street art in Liverpool
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Not a thing to do per se, as you will witness this from the time you start strolling around the city. Liverpool has some of the best Street art in entire Europe. The community as a whole highly promotes this and there are regular international street art festivals in the city. Tip: Catch a local guide to take you on a private tour to see some of the best street art specimens.

9. Visit St. George Quarter in Liverpool

St. George Quarter in Liverpool
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A must-visit heritage site, the St. George quarters boasts of an imposing victorian style architecture. It’s your go-to place if you want to catch a play in one of the theatres or are in some mood for shopping. The central hall of the Quarter is one of the best examples of neoclassical revival architecture and is sure to leave you spellbound with its magnificent arches and columns.

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10. Check out the Cavern Club in Liverpool

Cavern Club in Liverpool
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Better known as the home of the Beatles, this club plays an important role in the overall music scene in Liverpool. Both George Harrison and Paul McCartney started playing independently here before forming the Beatles. The club has been around from 1957, promoting Jazz. But slowly the genre changed to rock and roll which became immensely popular in the mid-60s. The club regularly hosts famous British and international acts like Coldplay and Adele. Surely, you might get lucky bumping into their shows in a fine evening.

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The maritime city offers a host of experiences and you should spend at least 2-3 days to enjoy them. Though a lot has transformed since the origin of the city in medieval times, the city still carefully cherishes and maintains its heritage and roots. You can combine a trip to Liverpool with London or other cities in the U.K also to give you a mix of English experiences. To discover more and plan a trip to the UK visit Pickyourtrail. You can also leave a Whatapp enquiry for exploring options to any destination. Do check out our handy travel guides to find out useful tips and tricks.
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