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Grand Mosque in Malacca
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9 Best Things to do in Malacca

Malacca is filled with rich heritage buildings colonial structures and colonial structures. This was the place where colonial forces made contact with Malaysia. People visit this place with their loved once to have a rejuvenating experience. However, Go ahead and read about the places to visit in Malacca.

Why is it worth visiting Malacca?

  • Malacca is a mixture of culture, where traces of the East (China and Japan) and West (Portugal, Spain, England) can be found.
  • Pleasant weather.
  • The people around are friendly.
  • Many unique places to visit and see

It’s impossible to see all of Malacca’s amazing places but you can try. There are 9 top attractions you should visit in Malacca! So before your journey, here’s a thorough guide and be ready to have the most wonderful days of your life!

Grand mosque Malacca
Credits: https://pixabay.com/

Top 9 attractions to visit in Malacca

While there’s a huge list of interesting places in Melaka, these 9 are a must-see during your trip. If you haven’t covered, Jonker Street or Malacca River is a must

If you haven’t covered then Malacca hasn’t been seen yet! So your time here is precious and take the opportunity to witness Asia’s rich history.

Jonker Street Cafe
Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/

1. Malacca Jonker Street

Jonker Street is a major market in central Chinatown, where you can buy anything! In fact, Jonker Street in Malacca City’s Chinatown is a total delight to walk along, with rich culture, lots of different people, goodness, historic landmarks, cafés, restaurants, and attractions.

Things to do at Jonker Street in Melaka:

  • Jonker Street Night Market-a real event with live music, a wide range of stalls. In fact, friendly hawkers and all-embracing bargains. 
  • Jonker Walk comes alive with a vibrant party-like atmosphere at nights in full colour. 
  • Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum-a 19th-century collection of three restored houses. 
  • The Hard Rock Cafe, opened in 2013, is idealistically located along the Malacca River. 
  • Mamee Jonker House – the perfect spot for parents and kids. In fact, offering fun activities for visitors of all ages. 
  • Jonker Street Library has a unique collection of Buddhist literature. In addition to this, it is decorated with traditional Chinese furniture. 

Malacca Jonker Street ‘s Best Shopping Spots: 

  • Orang Utan House-an art house of artist Charles Cham, born in Malacca. And it is a studio gallery with the exterior brightly painted;
  • Jonker Gallery is a perfect place to bring in cheap souvenirs back home;
  • Local producing shop the giant San Shu Gong;
  • Joe’s design – everybody’s most-wanted place, just in love with hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewellery.
  • Natural Wellness-a store with a special beauty product range.

2. St. Paul’s Church Malacca

St. Pauls Church
Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/

St Paul ‘s Church is a popular tourist destination among the people who have an interest in this country’s history and rich culture.

St. Paul ‘s History Church 

The ruins of the old church are very common among Malaysian tourists and indigenous peoples. However, Established in 1521, this historic church stands at the top of St. Paul ‘s Hill. In addition to this, the Church is a part of the Museum Complex in Malacca right now.

Statue Without Arms 

A St. Francis Xavier marble statue (built-in 1953), located in the complex, has only one arm and this is why. Stories say when the best-known missionary was to be canonized in 1614, the Vatican demanded the right arm (the one Francis used to bless his converts) from the body. So, they cut it off, and blood came up even after his death. They claim that when the statue was erected, a large tree fell upon his right arm.

3. Museum of the patrimony of Baba Nyonya

Baba Nyona Museum
Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/

This heritage building is a unique blend of cultures, countries east and west, and illustrates Peranakan ‘s lifestyle at the end of the 19th century. 

4. Temple Cheng Hoon Teng 

Cheong Hoon Teng
Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/

Malacca’s most noteworthy landmark is situated in popular Jonker Street and was built in 1646. This old Chinese Temple is considered to be Malaysia’s oldest Buddhist place of worship. 

 Interesting facts about the Temple: 

  • The temple is dedicated to the merciful goddess (Kuan Yin); 
  • The building was designed by Captain Li’s son-in-law, the second Chinese captain of Malacca; 
  • The temple is operated by the same Bukit Cina trustees (significant hillside and burial ground a few kilometres from the city); 
  • Traditional Chinese Opera Theater is directly opposite Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. There is a newly built Xianglin temple next to the Opera building;

5. Malacca Christian Church

Malacca Church
Credits: Google Images

The church was founded by Dutch when the country was taken over. Malacca’s most distinguishing structure is notable for its distinctive styling and history. In addition to this, the image of a brick-red building with a gigantic white cross is popular worldwide.

What you need to know concerning this attraction:

The church is on Church Street, near the centre of Chinatown in Malacca.

6. Theme Park at Malacca Wonderland

Melka Wonderland
Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/

Visiting this famous Melaka Park and Resort is the best way to cool down on a hot day in Malaysia and have great fun! In addition to this, If you want to indulge yourself in high-speed water slides and thrilling rides

Key information on the sparkling-new Melaka Wonderland Theme Park:

  • The park is surrounded by 360 ha of woodland;
  • This Theme Park has a whopping 2 million litres of water in it.
  • The water theme park has 16 different thrilling sights.
  • The Lazy Cum Crazy River, the Big Wave Pool, Adventure Island, Anaconda Twist, The Pendulum Slides are the most popular attractions.
  • The park is the centre of town, you don’t need to spend a night there.

7. Malacca Maritime Museum & Naval Museum

Malacca Maritime Museum
Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/

The Maritime Museum is an enormous Portuguese ship that sank near Malacca. It’s 34 meters high and hundreds of years ago this ship-museum will take you along.

What you can see in Malacca Maritime Museum & Naval Museum: 

  • The Maritime Museum is a perfect place for people who love history, marine life and all that deals with it. 
  • There is a large collection of different ship models on show at the museum for ship fans. 
  • And you can simply enjoy the atmosphere of sea travel, old ships and old times. 


The best way to reach the Maritime Museum is by car or a cab hire.

8. River Malacca 

River Cruise at Malacca
Credits: https://www.flickr.com/

The river Melaka splits the town of Malacca into few sections and goes straight through the centre of it. In addition to this, you can cruise down from inside and you can see the beauty of the town. It covers the famous historic buildings, churches, old warehouses and villages.

9. Dutch Square

Dutch Square at Malacca
Credits: https://in.pinterest.com/

However, Feel the time-travelling back to the Dutch Square colonial era-where you can find the surviving parts of the Melaka after the war.

In addition to this, the buildings are distinguished by red-classic buildings, this historic place serves as Malacca ‘s prominent landmark. However, you will find endless tourists here with an elegant fountain dotted in the centre and surrounded by colourful trishaws, trying their best to capture Dutch Square’s best angle.

In addition to this, you must visit Dutch Square which is rewarded with a great knowledge of history, surrounded with renovated galleries, museums and churches. However, do check out the Dutch Square Stadthuys which used to be the official residence of the Dutch governors. It currently houses numerous museums showing most interestingly the history of Malacca.

Highlight attractions:

  • All historic places are quite near like The Christ Church, Youth Center, and Art Gallery.
  • You can hire trishaw to tour around Malacca’s major tourist destination.
  • Jonker Street is a few minutes ‘ walks away.

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