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Nohkalikai falls
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Experience The Elixir Of Things To Do In Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Boasting as the wettest destination in the world, the Mawsynram village is located at a distance of 61 kilometres near Shillong. It is an ideal destination for nature freaks and you can very well cover the whole village within your weekend’s time. Isn’t that what you exactly wanted? This mesmerizing village beats Cherrapunjee by a fine line and tops the list of wettest places in India. In this article, you will get a clear idea about the place and things to do in Mawsynram in detail.

Grasslands on the way to Mawsynram
Image credits: Google Images

The name was coined from the word ‘Maw’, a Khasi word meaning ‘stone’. It symbolises the majestic hills of Khasi area and its unique megaliths. The magnificent feature of this village apart from rain is the stalagmite formation which is in the shape of a ‘Shivling’. Tucked in a height of 1400 m above the sea level, the place experiences powerful rains that the local villagers use thick grass to provide sound-proofing to their homes in order to escape the thunderous shower. 

Things to do in Mawsynram

1. Mawsmai Cave

Mawasmai caves, one of the important places to visit in Mawsynram
Image credits: Google Images

While the whole of Meghalaya is home for several spectacular caves and mysterious pathways, the Mawsmai Cave has gained its own popularity among the tourists. Situated just 6 km from the centre point of Cherrapunjee, this place is a breathtaking jigsaw of caves in the East Khasi Hills of the state. The caves are well lighted during the nights while in the mornings, the place offers stunning hues and palettes of colours when the lights come in contact with the limestone rocks. 

Mawsmai cave gained its popularity and fame because of its incomparable beauty and natural assets. The bountiful flora and fauna within the cave attract tourists from all over the world as it is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. Though the cave is not too long (150 metres), it offers the best of views and glimpse of unspoilt nature to its visitors. The Mawsma Cave is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Mawsynram. 


Mawsmai Caves open from 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM

Entry Fees

20 INR per person and 5 INR per child (up to 10 Years)

2. Mawsmai Falls

drone view of the falls, one of the spectacular things to witness in Mawsynram
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The next attraction topping the list of things to do in Mawsynram is the Mawsmai Falls. Located at close proximity from Mawsynra, this waterfall is crowned as the fourth largest waterfall in India. It also has nicknames such as the Seven Sisters Waterfalls or Nohsngithiang Falls. This spectacular natural wonder falls cascades from a great height of 315 meters. You will experience the best view during the time of sunset as the water looks like it is flowing directly from the sun with vivid colours of the setting sun.

The waterfalls do not have any particular timings and entry fee.


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3. Nohkalikai Waterfalls

Gigantic Nohkalikai falls top view
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The Nohkalikai waterfall, boasting as the highest waterfalls in the country, flows from a height of 335 metres from a magnificent cliff and stands as a pride of Meghalaya and Northeast India. Beautifully located between the evergreen rainforests of the Khasi Hill, this tireless waterfall is considered as a jewel to the locals and one of the best waterfalls in Meghalaya. As it flows from the top, the Nohkalikai falls plunges into a turquoise blue lagoon. 

Undoubtedly, Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most popular and mandatory things to do in Mawsynram. The name of the falls was coined from a sad story of a woman named Ka Likai who remarried a man who believed that she was so affectionate on his daughter more than him. Later because of this grudge, the man killed his daughter, cooked her flesh and served it to Ka Likai. Knowing this, the woman became upset and plunged to death from this waterfall which later got its name as ‘Noh Ka Likai’. 


Dawn till Dusk

Entry fees

Rs 10 per person


Located at about 25 km away from Mawsynram, Mawlyngbna is a clean village and is known for rich fossils and a natural geyser. You can find traveller’s nest, where you can have a peaceful stay in the village. Mawlyngbna is also known to the ‘Edge of India’ due to its location in the extreme interiors of the state of Meghalaya where Khasi hills join with the plains of the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. Though it is a small village in size, it has a lot of places to visit. You can visit the Umkhakoi lake, split rock, pitcher plant garden, Umdiengkain waterfall, etc. 


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What is the best time to visit Mawsynram?

Lush greeneries of Mawsynram
Image credits: Google Images

Mawsynram, being the wettest place in the world, can be best visited between the months of April and June. It is from during these months, the place experiences its summer. Some tourists especially monsoon lovers may choose to visit Mawsynram during the onset or end of monsoon season (July or September) in order to experience the beautiful ambience. But one should be aware of the heavy rains and pack the necessary things to protect themselves. 

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Quick reminder: Carry your Umbrella and raincoat!

The month of October is also a pleasant time to venture out the attractions of the village as the terrain is evenly covered with lush greeneries. The air during this month is so fresh and rejuvenating ensuring you a peaceful and dreamy vacation. Enjoy the misty and foggy breeze that adds up to the charm of the place. Since the region experiences rainfall throughout the year, you should be ready for unexpected showers no matter which time of the year you visit the place. 

How to reach the attractions?

Moving around in Mawsynram is so easy. You can find cabs and jeeps almost everywhere in the village. Jump into one of the vehicles and stroll around the lovely attractions safely and comfortably.

This small damp village not only has the best assets of nature but also best humans by heart. You will be allowed even to stay at their shelters by the people over there. Do not forget having the refreshment of Kwai Tea of Mawsynram. You can also treat your taste buds with their exotic beef and meat rice. With lots of things to do in Mawsynram amidst the richness of nature and culture, This place is a must-visit destination in India. Head to the Pickyourtrail website, get your packages and start planning your trip to Mawsynram right away!